Sexism and sexual harassment: An overview to understand with the University of Corsica

Made by two weeks of students As part of a truly civic approach, 29 posters are the subject of an exhibition opening on campus this week.University of Corsica. dedicated bullying The sexist and sexual initiative supports the university fighting these abuses.

Aggressive at least, violent at worst, a poster for a scene that sometimes reveals the deep suffering that the abused can find himself. A single painting on a mega support, all multiplied by 29, here is a thorny subject explored during an exhibition in a university library hall.

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The work of several students strives to sensitize at first glance the person who will pay attention to it above all. “All paintings were made with this logic in mind. Lucia Esteves-Serra explains. Very simple scenes, but sometimes shockingly powerful images are designed to make people understand very quickly what sexual and sexual harassment can mean.

Lucia is a 3rd gradere applied arts year. He participated in this project with some of his classmates. Other students from Multimedia and Internet Professions also joined them. All have used the training and skills they have already acquired to work for months as part of a real citizen approach outside the nails of their university courses. Professor Bruno Garnier was able to identify this potential to put it at the service of a difficult mission that the University of Corsica is trying to carry out: the fight against all forms of aggression, which is unfortunately the nest of campuses.

The educational researcher-teacher responsible for the “Equality” mission, who also took on the issue of harassment, contacted these students through various events who were aware of the problem and were already dealing with it. The goal is to turn their creative power into a weapon in the service of enlightenment. “We have set up a monitoring and listening unit to lend a listening ear and help all students who are victims of harassment*. We are still working hard to fight this disturbing phenomenon, but it still informs people. I think this exhibition is perfect for a real awareness campaign. is a showcase”.

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A study on the topic conducted by the Town of Cortes gave its results in June 2021. Although they did not disclose the level of alert, they reinforced the university community about the importance of addressing the issue. “Although this is the tip of the iceberg, as many young people continue to remain silent, 10% of those who responded to the survey said they were victims or witnesses of violence. Bruno Garnier remembers. These statements were actually about sexual and sexual harassment, hence the theme of this exhibition.

Reduced formats across campus

Our paintings also reflect the scenes of abuse and physical oppression done in different ways. Which may come as a shock, rather,” says Anais Marche, also an applied arts student. Like Lucia, she knows that this phenomenon is widespread in the student microcosm. “We’ve heard of several incidents off campus.” they are convinced that the most disturbing is still unfortunately happening in the shadows.

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“Communication is the only real thing to move lines, Bruno Garnier insists. It is important for the victims to see this exhibition, to know that we can help them, and for the perpetrators to know that their actions will not necessarily go unpunished. Therefore, beyond the exhibition of these 29 posters, from Thursday until mid-February in BU’s hall, the intention is to play extensions all over campus. . “Then we will reproduce all these visuals in reduced formats for display in all components of the university,” announces the head of the “equality” project, which relies on other initiatives. It will allow the university to train its own “watchmen”, and at the same time the opening of the university degree “Violence, family, society”. It was handed over in two years and will be opened from the beginning of the 2023 academic year.

*; 04 95 45 00 80.

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