Tobacco, drugs, mental health… when a running game raises awareness among Le Mans students

Winnie and Maël, students of Le Mans (Sarthe), tried out a running game organized by CPAM on Thursday, January 5, 2023, on campus. ©Frédéric JOUVET/Actu Le Mans

Health awareness campaign. The CPAM (primary health insurance fund) one organized by the University of Sarthe and Le Mans escape room this Thursday, January 5, 2023, on campus. It was meant to move health prevention and informs students about the operation of Health Insurance.

Prevention messages after each puzzle

“Welcome to Amelie’s room. He spent the evening enjoying himself too much. » Greetings Léo from CPAM’s prevention department Winnie and Mael, Le Mans University students running game in the second room. Amélie’s video begins to prove that the previous day was too much: the tandem’s mission is to raise Amélie’s morale by solving puzzles. Everything is in 15 minutes, the countdown that slides on the screen reminds us.

Before being devoted to prevention, the duo went through another room focusing on Health Insurance: the meaning of the Social Security number, the means of contacting health insurance or the reimbursement rate.
Before it was dedicated to prevention, it went through another room focused on Health Insurance with 5 puzzles about the meaning of a dual Social Security number, means of contacting health insurance or the reimbursement rate. ©Frédéric JOUVET/Actu Le Mans

They move towards a table with a small padlocked wooden box above their heads and a puzzle to solve. “We’re wasting a lot of time here, let’s move on to something else?” “, Mael suggests. Winnie tries the last code and the box opens. Inside is a beep and the Tobacco Information Service number (39 89) is pressed. Audio recording a tobacco specialist to inform about the harms of smoking. The message ends: “it’s easier to start than to stop.” “Well said!” says Mael.

Other sessions held in Sarthe

A similar day was offered on December 5 to 120 young people at the vocational high school and the local mission of La Ferte-Bernard. Other youth runs will be organized until March, when the tool will be sent to the Vendée. Perhaps earlier each department had its own CPAM equipment.

The pair return to another table where they have to put the puzzle together. “You have to look everywhere, there are clues,” they say. For each puzzle solved, they receive a heart to boost Amélie’s mood.

Dangers of smoking, various effects drugscontraceptive awareness and STI (sexually transmitted infections)… five puzzles to solve allow you to learn more about health risks.

The final puzzle and the final bell are coming: they had 1 minute 33.

“An interactive way to learn useful things”

“Cigarettes, we knew about it, but it’s still surprising,” said Maël during the balance sheet. There are also Maël and Winnie, law and LEA (applied foreign languages) students respectively health relay students.

Videos: currently on Actu

“We are intermediaries between students and the university’s health center. We will recommend others to come because it is a interactive method Learning useful things,” explains the first-year student. “He also gives tips [ndlr : conseils] About Health Insurance,” Vinny adds.

Small apartment, time-related “stress” did not always allow to listen fully prevention messages recorded by experts.

“We want to help young people become actors in their health”

In addition to the running game, various stands were set up on the first floor. At puberty, young people are no longer attached to their parents and become self insured.

So you need to tell them about an Amelie account, a digital health record or additional health insurance.

CPAM and the university are involved in a partnership to promote student access to health care. We welcome them to let us know all the information about their situation and procedures.

Hélène Templier, head of prevention at CPAM de la Sarthe

“is from to move towards. We want to help young people to be actors in their health,” supports Hélène Templier. Mental health, sexual health, oral hygiene (UC-Irsa), alcohol prevention (CSAPA Montjoie and Molière), with members of the university’s medical-psycho-social health center exchanges… were in the program. “It’s also a tool to identify structures that students can go to.”

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