Striker, the former head coach of Karmine Corp, criticizes Reckles’ behavior within the team

As he prepares behind the scenes for the start of the 2023 season, coach Striker, former head coach of Karmine Corp and currently serving as an assistant coach at BDS, reflected on KCorp’s 2022 results. In particular, it reports the behavior of Rekkles. Gradually, there were more problematic and unmanageable things that caused the team to fall apart.

The new controversy surrounding Rekkles and Karmine Corp

After a fairly prosperous 2021 season, Karmine Corp unfortunately experienced a relatively complicated 2022 season, a competitive year in the blood sausage, without the title of French champion, without qualifying for the European Masters Summer Races and without a place for the 2023 LEC. The season. Following this, he had to revise his structural plans, removing some players and members of the coaching staff, such as head coach Yanis “Striker” Kella; his contract with Karmine Corp expired on November 21st, but we’ve known for several weeks now that the deal won’t be extended until 2023. Although there was no news from early October, the French coach has found a new base ahead of the 2023 season. , for being hired as an assistant coach to Team BDS’s LEC team.

Taking advantage of the calm before the storm, with the 2023 LEC season starting on January 21, Striker hosted a Q&A during the broadcast on January 7; When asked about Karmine Corp’s results in 2022, former head coach Reckles’ behavior throughout the year undoubtedly affected the team’s results. He also discusses the club’s reluctance to continue with Rekkles in 2023 for this reason, the Swedish rival’s disrespect for the staff and players and displays of negative behaviour; For Striker, this behavior, Rekkles’ lack of motivation and disagreements within the squad (especially the lack of shooting in the botlaner, draft problems, etc.) were the main reasons for the stagnation of the team during the summer. It broke up and ended with bad results.

This kind of backlash about Rekkles’ behavior is unfortunately not new, with many rumors circulating in recent years, especially after his tenure at G2 Esports. He then gave Striker More info on Twitterand this is to answer some questions from some members of the community, thus making a financial argument to prevent the club from losing money in this move.

Me and above brought him back to his behavior several times. If you can’t sell him next year because people realize it’s problematic = There was no good solution for current year and transfer window at the same time. […]

[…] I’m not a perfect coach, but I’ve always given my all for this club. I did not refuse the double block out of disrespect to the payer. When I left the airport, I did not refuse to attend the team dinner because my taxi was not there.
Yanis “Striker” Kella

From his bench at G2 Esports, Rekkles tried to regain his place among Europe’s elite in the LEC, and if nothing else, he found a way out through Swedish rival Karmine Corp after failing to find a spot in the European Championships. being in the transfer market to recruit him, a decision that will still cost the French structure dearly when we know that the purchase is around 1.5 million euros. The start of the season went well for Rekkles and KCorp, with the team winning their third European Championship at the European Masters, but with the results we already know, the weather has been a bit rough in the summer.

The terms set between Karmine Corp and Rekkles for the latter to find an easier place in the LEC have not yet been disclosed, but according to some rumors, KCorp voluntarily and drastically reduced the buyout amount of the contract. , some note that the Swedish botlaner went for free (or took a portion of his purchase himself). For Kameto, the decision to release Rekkles under these conditions was a logical choice in order not to spoil the player’s career.

After a relatively uneventful 2022 season, Rekkles bounced back in the best possible way, and just days after the transfer window opened, the Swedish botlaner announced his return to the LEC; on December 15th, Fnatic confirmed the return of their former botlaner. He will be joined by the three surviving players of the 2022 season, namely toplaner Wunder, jungler Razork, and midlaner Humanoid, as well as new support from this Fnatic team, Ruben “Rhuckz” Barbosa, who came here earlier to fill the slot. Occupied by Hylissang.

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