Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castera condemned Le Graet’s “seriously failed free speech”.

Sports and Olympic and Paralympic Games Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra held a press briefing at the ministry on Monday afternoon, reminding her that she no longer wants to. “get out of the way” Noel Le Graet, President of the French Football Federation (FFF).

With excuses from President Le Graet: “I don’t want these speeches out of the way anymore”

“I am not sure that these words are reassuring. I worry them a little. I don’t want these situations where he falls, these exits from the road. I believe that these consecutive exits from the roads damage the image of our country and offend the French. They do not deserve what this great French team, this great federation and this great sport with two million license holders deserve. »

On the possible consequences: “I communicate with a speech that breaks down and sometimes speaks seriously”

“The role of the president of the federation has different dimensions and the main dimension of representation. I communicate with free speech that breaks down and is sometimes serious. It is imperative that the FFF fully weigh in on this failure of Comex’s presentation and express itself. I want the autonomy of the federations to be realized. There are eminent personalities on this committee, and I have evidence of their worth, efficiency and sense of responsibility. And I know they will show it in the coming weeks to get this federation back on track. »

About the inspection launched by the ministry in the FFF: “We are at a moment that I think is critical for the future of this federation”

“I made two decisions regarding this audit. The first is that the work will end as I promised myself from the beginning. But I want the restoration of the komes to be carried out sooner. I thought it would be done on February 15th at the end of the dispute procedure with President Le Graet and General Manager Florence Hardouin. I will instruct Noël Le Graet to deliver the results as soon as he receives them, i.e. at the end of January. In view of the ongoing investigations and the findings already drawn up by the mission, we have decided to open another chapter in this mission dealing with human resources, budget and financial aspects. I will say no more because tomorrow (Tuesday) President Le Graet and the Director General will be heard by the mission. The declaration of results will be completed during the week of January 19 to 25. Comex will have material. We are at a moment that I think is critical for the future of this federation. »

What the texts provide: “Federations have the resources to solve governance problems”

“I believe in this management of the federations, they have the resources to solve the management problems. The resignation of the president is an example of this. Sometimes the collegial duties of the institution involving the presidents are triggered, sometimes general meetings can be called by the logic of no confidence, these are the assumptions provided by the statute. The texts also provide for the possibility to take control of the Ministry of Sports at certain times. We are not without solutions. The Ministry of Sports, but as a priority the authorities of the Federation have a number of provisions to deal with this governance crisis. »

Does the ministry ask Le Graet to resign: “I do not create equality on these terms”

“I do not create the equation in these terms. I think there is a certain amount of understatement in the presidency, and I think he is seriously failing to represent the first federation of France. »

On the reactions of Emmanuel Macron and Kylian Mbappe: “The President of the Republic is really disappointed and shocked”

“The president of the republic is like the French, he is really disappointed and hurt when such thoughts are expressed about such legends of France and world sports. Kylian Mbappe’s reaction is exemplary, he said it all in half a line. Well done Kylian. He put exactly the words we all felt. »

On the role of Komex in the exit from the crisis: “I hope that it will bear all its weight in a few weeks”

“Comex needs elements to capture and take action. I want him to pull his full weight in a few weeks and I want him to have an audit case to put all this audit work in his hands that he needs to take responsibility for. I don’t want to name names, but we have quality men and women from different generations and backgrounds on this comex team who, with my help, have everything in their hands to solve this crisis. »

On the possible consequences of Deschamps’ extension: “The president’s actions do not have any negative impact on the quality and influence of Franck’s coach.

“This extension is in effect. I have always said that we are lucky to have an experienced and quality person at the head of the French team, and he showed it at the World Cup in Qatar. He was a great player and a great captain, he became a great coach and for our country he has a chance to be at the head of the French team. The actions of the president do not have any negative effect on the quality and influence of the coach of the French national team. »

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