Sadri Fegaier, an entrepreneur working for the economic development of the territories

Cooperates with Indexia Group

Sadri Fegaier enjoys modest success. However, over two decades, he managed to develop a French unicorn called Indexia Group, a specialist in refurbished telephony and services design in the high-tech universe. This is by staying close to the areas where he grew up and helped in economic development.

Brave Sadri Fegaier

At the age of 20, with a commercial BTS in his pocket, Sadri Fegaier set up his first phone shop in Romans-sur-Isère, where he grew up, then joined SFR as a franchisee. He soon opened other stores in the area. Added to the entrepreneurial spirit is the ability to understand phone market evolutions while meeting customer expectations. Noting that his phones were poorly covered by insurance, Sadri Fegaier started proximity insurance in 2010 and offered the first multi-risk insurance specific to mobile phones. The Indexia group was born.

Indexia is a dazzling placement in France and Europe

Sadri Fegaier intends to hire his first 400 employees himself to ensure the quality of his team’s skills. Staying true to his region, he decided to keep the headquarters of the group he founded in Romans-sur-Isère and recruited locally. Indexia is developing in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, where the group is currently one of the main employers. Then Paris and France will come. After the conquest of France, the group decided to export its model and local service to Europe (Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy and the Czech Republic).

Success smiled on the brave, in 2018, Sadri Fegaier became the second shareholder of the Fnac-Darty group with the help of investment funds. Recognizing the importance of the circular economy and the growing customer demand for refurbished products, the entrepreneur launched Hubside.Store in 2020, a chain of stores specializing in the sale of new and refurbished tech products. Two years later, the chain has a hundred sales points in Europe. The brand aims to reach 500 stores by the end of 2024. Today, Indexia Group supports 8 million customers and 2,500 partners in Europe. It has 3,000 employees and achieved a business volume of 1.26 billion euros in 2022.
Investing in the economic development of France, the group also participated in the prestigious French Tech 2022 selection.

Sadri Fegaier contributes to local economic development

Opposing the approach of relocation, especially subcontracting abroad, Sadri Fegaier is in favor of keeping skills and know-how in France. This internalisation, combined with a strong territorial presence in France and Europe, has strengthened Indexia’s experience and understanding of local consumers’ needs in order to offer a local and quality service. In addition, Sadri Fegaier ensured that Indexia had its own device repair and maintenance workshop, thus promoting short-circuits and repairs made in France: all refurbished devices for sale come from its own workshop located in Drôme in Romans-sur. – Isere. They come directly from used devices collected from the network’s sales points (as part of a take-back service or recycling campaign). About 15,000 products are repaired every month by 200 repairmen.

Loyalty to his region of origin, Sadri Fegaier applies it to his passion for horse show jumping.

An outstanding horseman, his passion for riding captivated him 10 years ago and has since taken him to the most famous international professional competitions. “High-level sports have taught me to push myself and bring me toughness, discipline and focus. There are many parallels between running a business and riding a horse: you need to carefully study the obstacles before you start, analyze the course with enthusiasm and clarity, build trust with your partner so that he gets involved… This means knowing how to listen to him, making him direct it to where you want to go. There are many similarities with management, and this approach is the source of the social policy we conduct within the group. I personally recruited the group’s first 400 employees and built around me dedicated, motivated and efficient teams who give their best for their company every day.” notes.

In 2010, he founded Haras des Grillons. For 8 years, Haras has hosted the Jumping International de Valence, a free event for the general public that brings together the world’s best riders. In 2019, the self-made man presents the Hubside Jumping Grimaud – Golfe de Saint-Tropez in the same model that hosts fifteen weeks of competition throughout the year.

Sadri Fegaier can now count on the expertise of Alain Weill, former CEO of NextRadioTV and SFR Group and media personality Alain Weill, who recently joined the supervisory board of Indexia Group, to continue its growth.

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