River City Girls 2 – Yaku defeated the bad guys

After the first episode was met with good press and public reception, our high school girls are back to hand out new fluffy tacos.

The story picks up after issue #1, with a Yakuza leader humiliated by our heroes being taken in by his younger brother. The latter decides to tell everything to his father so that he realizes his mistake in not choosing him as the head of the tribe. But he will decide to take matters into his own hands so that the gang will once again inspire terror. After being kicked out of high school, 2 sisters lose all their skills by sitting on the sofa for 2 months. A little like our national Shinzai!

Chestnuts and chestnuts are abundant

You will have the option to embody 4 characters (later up to 6) to make you respectable in the level. The game is more complicated to understand than TMNT or more recently Jitsu Squad. More features: light attack button, strong, parry, trophy, additional features to attract special enemies to join the rebel squad.

The cut scenes reinforce the Manga aspect

This BTA also stands out from its generation as it incorporates the concept of “RPG”. A grinding system for your characters since the game is hard at the beginning. A goofy style gameplay presentation that takes the form of a map with different districts that you stupidly advance with horizontal scrolling, but not all of which are accessible at the beginning of the game. There is no concept of stages, either because your progression is done through missions given by you Pcharacters NOwe Jorables you will find between the 2 distributions of chestnut.

Want to get your nails done?

The tasks are more crazy than each other: catch cats, play dodgeball, have a dance competition in the DDR remake… and I’m only talking about the first ones. They will be accessible through a menu that mimics a smartphone with the apps we all know.

No message from Riggs for a new trial!

You’ll also need to buy new techniques at dojos, beauty accessories to enhance your heroes’ skills, and other items that will allow your young girl to become a true Sukeban (a Japanese term used to designate mostly young teenage criminal gangs. Source wiki).

True 2 True: I like to move it

Wayforward, still partnering with Arc Systemworks, brings you a BTA well-stocked with everything that makes us Japan, us gaijins, like RWBY: Asian pop music, English or Japanese voices, nymphets, collectibles? from bras with rifle tips to food ranging from sushi to burgers and ramen. Absolutely stupid quests, cartoon characters from manga… Aesthetic and cutscenes presented in this form. A real breath for players living in Club Do, Japanese titles and all that culture.

Catch me if you can

But the taste of yakitori and mochi is slightly spoiled by the repetition and relative difficulty of the game: grind your character with enemies that respawn in every square of the map, buy 10,000 things like food and techniques. When you lose, you have a choice between spending money and returning to the level immediately, or returning to a corner of the map, where you were hiding, for free.

Sushi Bar…. Always buy!

You spend your time leveling up your characters, taking money from your enemies… It’s a long time… No interest. There are some unfair moments in the game, such as a fight on a dance floor where waves of fire go straight through the floor when you are busy beating your enemy. Scenery with cliffs that are not necessarily readable on the screen. The game is enjoyable, but not unpleasant because of these details, which are certainly part of the good intentions.

Same wink as at 12 minutes

River City Girls 2 is intended for people who like beat ’em ups or people who are fascinated by manga, anime and other anthologies of the culture of the land of the rising sun, near or far.

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