Worried about the red light, Fos is waiting for the cautious man: “We need him to breathe new life into the team.”

Leaning against the basket, Rémi Giuitta may have found himself thrown back a year. At the end of January 2022, Fos-Provence lost during a horror match against Cholet Basket (69-81), falling into the red zone with very little promising prospects. “What worries me the most is the level: I’ve never been on the bench like that, there’s no solution”, he said at the time. However, the BYers were able to bounce back thanks to some miraculous March recruiting, particularly with the combined arrivals of Deishuan Booker, DJ Stephens and Egidijus Mockevicius. Proof that the current situation of the southern club is not hopeless, it will definitely have to go through the same remedy to save itself a year apart.

Paris rises, Phos sinks

Can Trevon Scott end the season in Fos? (photo: Sebastien Grasset)

That’s exactly what Remy Vali is currently working on in his search for a backup quarterback who needs to confirm the suit of offensive leader that Gabe DeVoe, who is currently heading to Poland, can’t wear. “The market is complicated”he breathes. “We need to find a player who is creative, talented and has the ability to shoot from the outside to create a player who can really threaten us, who we can trust. » Will this be enough? It can be doubted, because this team of Fos-Provence is devoid of talent. The tricolor contingent is not in question – and even except for the departure of Bodian Massa, it looks superior to the 2021/22 vintage – with the explosion of Milan Barbitch, the surprise Dylan Affo Mama, Allan Dokossi returning to the fore. or Johan Passave-Ducteil’s efficiency, although it has been more complicated for the veteran in recent weeks. But due to the lack of funds, the foreign players are all betting and halfway through the championship, now it’s time to say that the casting is disappointing. Only center Shevon Thompson is dominant, but often underutilized due to his mistakes (averaging less than 22 minutes). Gabe DeVoe paid the price for that botched hire, but the ax could fall on someone else, starting with the wildly inconsistent Trevon Scott. As for Stephen Brown and Garlon Green, they may be good, but they’re only good one out of three games, which greatly diminishes their credibility in a maintenance operation. So a major cleanup like the one at Nancy might be needed, but that’s not planned yet. “We will take it step by step”Remy annoys Vali. “The order of the day is to replace Gabe first, and quickly. We need to breathe new life into the team, even mentally. And then we’ll see if it’s enough. »

“If we start diving…”

Fos-Provence, the only red light in the Betclic ELITE, have already proven that they are capable of keeping the big boys in check at times, as in Cholet, where CB had to rely on Dominic Artis’ midfield arrow to win. But again, this unplanned victory on the scoreboard does not have such an important exploit to save itself, for example, the usual Le Portel. Meanwhile, the performances are still decidedly upbeat, as is Dylan Affo Mama’s side. “We are at a complicated stage. We must maintain solidarity among ourselves and continue to work. There are still five months of competition, anything is possible. It’s up to us not to fall apart, and at some point the coin will fall our way. » The former Touraneau is joined by his coach Remi Valin, who encourages us not to relax in our efforts. “We will do the same as in November: we must be strong, we must stay together, we must continue to work hard despite the defeats. In November, we suffered a loss against Roanna and managed to rattle off Cholet to win two games in a row with more enjoyable content. Everything in life is not always easy. We should not complain, keep moving forward, close our ears to everything we hear and not look at the ratings. If we start telling ourselves that our situation is tough, we won’t make it… We knew it was going to be a tough season. The unfortunate thing is that we’ve been really hampered by injuries and there’s been two or three games that haven’t gone our way. You can’t throw everything away from the beginning. There is work in training, the players are brave, we should not lose faith. There is no need to be afraid in life. » The problem is that envy is definitely not the reason. After Thursday’s defeat to Paris (65-72), no one could accuse the Fossens of lacking fighting spirit or intensity. On the other hand, their limited capacity is in question, as was such a poorly managed period of money after Stephen Brown’s equalizer (60-60), with no points scored from 35 to 40. Fear not, that’s true, but it’s going to take a lot… Deishuan Booker version starting in 2023, a savior in other words?

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January 7, 2023 at 12:30 p.m

Leaning against the basket, Rémi Giuitta may have found himself thrown back a year. At the end of January 2022, Fos-Provence lost during a horror match against Cholet Basket (69-81), falling into the red zone with very little promising prospects. “The level that bothers me the most is: I’ve never been like this…

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