This pastry, a true favorite of Toulouse athletes, is changing its address and size

Dareen Meyer runs the pastry shop Mirarosa, now located on the main rue Saint-Michel. (©Quentin Marais / News Toulouse)

In control Mirarosa pastry From 2018 on de Muret Avenue Toulouse, Darin Meyer At the age of 29, hell began to take a turn. After selling his first business, he and his partner bought a new business location on Main Street Saint Michel, It is under construction from October 31, 2022. Between a fresh start and a crazy quest for adventure.

One Love: The Pink City

Strasbourg when he was born, Dareen Meyer arrived in Toulouse at 16 candles on the clock. Desire: to be a football player. “I came here for football, but I stopped when I was 18, I had injuries I no longer had the same motivation“, comment for Toulouse news Someone who is a BEP Sawmill Technician.

His one and only love this time is not the Strasbourg Racing Club, but indeed the Pink City. ” I was adopted by this beautiful cityYoung then continued his studies there, earning a professional bachelor’s, a BTS and a business education license, and finally Master 2 Responsible entrepreneur.

“I like to take on things, to try things,” says Dareen Meyer, who remembers her first opening, the beginning of avenue de Muret. “In parallel with Master 1, we created Mirarosa pastry with my husband, after having the first of our two children. I went to the pastry shop in the morning, and then either to class or to Feu Vert on shift. »

All roads lead to sports

These years of experience and hard work forged, built, designed the entrepreneur who is Dareen Meyer today in the first version of Mirarosa dough. And his productions quickly caught the eye of the most prestigious. “We were lucky to understand individual cakes For different personalities from Toulouse,” the Alsatian admits.

“We made custom cakes for Bigflo and Oli’s music video, we made several cakes for Jesta Hilmann, a reality TV personality. Our cake was featured on the TFX show “Mother is Famous”. for. We had Sofiane Guitoune, Iosefa Tekori, Cheslin Kolbe… It became a habit for us and for them!”

Darin MeyerMirarosa Bakery

As a team

Sports remain a core value for Dareen Meyer. He was surrounded by two bakers (and a recently hired third), two pastry chefs, two saleswomen, and therefore his companion, “who is also a pastry chef.” he sees this collective as a team.

“It’s a sport for me the school of life. Tomorrow we learn what we want from the employee: self-transcendence, toughness, perseverance, taste for effort. Because we do hard work, he knows the 29-year-old man. We have fast hours, we work 7 days a week… The company values ​​are the same more than those found in sports. »

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It was at the level of Saint-Michel's main street that the new Mirarosa bakery settled.
It was at the level of Saint-Michel’s main street that the new Mirarosa bakery settled. (©Quentin Marais / News Toulouse)

Witness passage

This team, rather, is new to the entrepreneur. He comes straight Chagne bread, which took over the premises now occupied by the Mirarosa pastry shop. And the former owners, now retired, accompanied Dareen Meyer and her boyfriend. “We made a transition period of two months to acquire know-how of our ancestors,” says the adopted Toulouse man.

The duo slowly made their mark in a room 120 m², it is almost twice the size of the first avenue de Muret. “We had reached the point of saturation in terms of production capacity, we had a small laboratory, but we couldn’t do it expand the walls. These covered an area 65 m².

Dareen Meyer appreciates it
Dareen Meyer appreciates the “solidarity” of the residents of the district. (©Quentin Marais / News Toulouse)

This is “in an artery where there are not many pedestrians. Here, on the main rue Saint-Michel, there are many, It is the main axis of Toulouse. We are close to the hypercenter, by bike, on foot or by public transport. That’s why we chose this district,” says Dareen Meyer.

Between adaptation and innovation

Seeing bigger and continuing the story: that’s Darin Meyer’s dream. “At first we took the products of our predecessor and we made some changes“, he notes. The suppliers are no longer the same. “We work with Moulin Calvet in Aveyron of Label Rouge flour. which is without addition, is used. We try as much as possible to work with local manufacturers in short-circuit conditions. »

Doughs are made by hand.  And there is something for everyone!
Doughs are made by hand. And there is something for everyone! (©Quentin Marais / News Toulouse)

Unlike the first Mirarosa confection, Dareen Meyer’s team will offer bread. “Our flagship product, is a traditional stick. Then we have a lot of pastries, which are artisanal, a variety of pastries, and we attacked the season. king cakes. »

“We are relatively happy, because we manage to maintain and even increase the quality of our predecessors. The advantage is that they introduced us to customers. People accept and support them. We have been able to satisfy and please everyone. For me, this is a positive thing. result , because it was not easy to accept the staff. We had to get to know each other and we feel that there is a real motivation, a great energy. Our goal is to direct all this to develop.”

Darin Meyer
Epiphany this weekend, galettes are definitely on display.
Epiphany this weekend, galettes are definitely on display. (©Quentin Marais / News Toulouse)

Rich year 2023

The first weeks of the new Mirarosa bakery were therefore both lively and inspiring. “In January, we will redo the frontand we will in February refresh the store. We took it as it was, “he recalls. “Slowly we are going in another direction: we will buy a new furnace, we will update all the equipment, and that will be the goal. to redo the store Late 2023 early 2024.

The resident of Strasbourg does not forget the particularly complex context. “We have multiplied electricity fee 4.5 and the price of certain raw materials increased 120%”, knows the person who sums up the beginning of his new adventure as a “risky bet”. But Dareen Meyer is ambitious and thrives on “personal development books.” I know where I want to go“.

Therefore, ambition and determination are the key words with the final sports comparison when summing up his dearest dream for 2023. “In the business world, there are economic goals, a desire to move forward, to continue working. It’s like in football, early in the season we set a goal. » And the new Mirarosa is not here to save!

Like a football team, Mirarosa Bakery has big goals for 2023.  Well, there are supporters...
Like a football team, Mirarosa Bakery has big goals for 2023. Well, there are supporters… (©Quentin Marais / News Toulouse)

Mirarosa Bakery
65, main rue Saint-Michel in Toulouse
Open Monday to Friday (7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.) and Sunday (7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.).

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