Kamil Kombal’s Cannes Comedy Show on TF1 is not making Twitter laugh

Bet on humor this Friday January 6 with the TF1 show Cannes Comedy Show, Moderated by Camille Combal. But judging by reactions on Twitter, it didn’t make viewers laugh.

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This Friday, January 6, on TF1, viewers got to find out Cannes comedy show, submitted by Camille Combal. Several comedians appeared on the stage with the sole purpose of making the audience laugh. Cannes comedy show clearly competes with Marrakesh of laughter, for The Jamel Comedy Show or even Montreux Comedy Festival. The problem is that the audience did not believe in this innovation. A simple trip on Twitter was all it took to make it happen. No internet users found Cannes comedy show Very funny and they did not fail to be recognized on the social network with their blue logo.

Twittos don’t go hand in hand!

“The public is on drugs or what’s funny about completely lame sketches”, “Arnaud Ducret’s sketch is very disturbing! Is he trying the Bigard version or what? It just wasn’t funny, “Oula jokes have already been heard 50,000 times. is worried, “He does the same sketch for us as he did in Marrakech du rire! That’s a lot!“, “Laughter Marrakech, but without the riads, without and without the Badii Palace Jamel Debbouze. But with the same non-funny kids”, “It was scary because I was excited about this show. I wanted to have fun watching an evening of sketches and discovering comedians I didn’t know. But what a disappointment! I barely laughed from the beginning“.

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for the average audience Cannes comedy show

In terms of viewers, 2.22 million people watched the TF1 program. and comes in second place, far behind in the standings Caesar Wagner, France 2 series was watched by more than 4.9 million viewers. It disappointed viewers for TF1, but the program still managed to fool some Internet users. If opinions are harsh on Twitter, there are more positive ones. Thus we can read: “Why compare to Laughter Marrakech? There may be several comedy shows. Give them a chance!” or “Personally, I like the show. Some parts are not funny, but it feels good for a humor show, and I love the sketches by Kamil Kombal.” Now it’s just a matter of knowing if the rerun of the show will work better…

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