Guillaume Gille: “I feel that the French team is ready to start with their feet down”

“After these two warm-up games against Holland (43-32) on Wednesday and Egypt (33-32) this Saturday, do you think France is ready for the World Cup in Poland on the 11th? Poland?
After two matches, this is more than ten days ago. We know that we are in a testing, working period in many areas, and nothing beats the salt of competition. When we imagine the contrasts we will be plunged into after enjoying the exuberance of the crowd in this magnificent room, we will have to prepare mentally in a completely different style, with any other hostility on the side of the tribune.

The team did a good job, we can be satisfied with our preparation. Despite everything, we had a few small problems and caveats in certain positions, which forced us to change our original plans a bit. He has to reorganize the composition of the teams according to the whims we face. We feel that this preparation has left its mark. But I feel that the team is ready to start this race.

With the additions of Kyllian Villeminot (right knee) and Benoît Kounkoud (left foot), your squad now consists of eighteen players. So this is the group going to the World Cup on Monday?
With the uncertainties I mentioned earlier, we have to be careful before announcing anything, we will calculate between today. (Saturday) and tomorrow (Sunday). But it’s highly likely that this group, which hasn’t been replaced since Benoit’s injury, will be the one that takes off. But again, this is true at 8 p.m., maybe half an hour, four hours later, everything will change. We are ready for it.

Why didn’t you call anyone back after those two packages?
It is from the need to strengthen the group and focus on the backbone of the players who will have to carry the responsibilities of the team. Spending time with new players would backfire a bit.

“A friendly game of this level is not a school for fans”

After Romain Lagarde and Charles Bolzinger, is the 16-man hierarchy (players who can be ranked on the match sheet) already established?
Oh, the hierarchy… The advantage we have in this kind of competition is that we can use eighteen players per match. Obviously, in playtime choices, given responsibility, this is also a form of emerging hierarchy. But to do something that is set in stone from there, we know the races and how they go so well that things can change very quickly. What’s important to me is to take eighteen guys, if we leave at eighteen, focused and ready to go at any time.

Is the France team where you want them to be before they travel to Poland on Monday?
Frankly, who could have imagined what happened this week in terms of how the match went, problems experienced in the group, minor injuries. It’s something we always live with, we always adapt. What I do know is that in the current state of our workforce, in our training, I’m happy with the jobs we’ve been able to provide.

Besides, the only truth is the World Cup, the competition where everything is rebuilt. We can make the best preparations and crash early in the race. What was interesting for us was to make progress, refresh the hard drive of the French team with everyone, bring the team together around the World Championship project. Now let’s go. Let’s enjoy the wonderful moments in Poland and Sweden.

Vincent Gérard played an hour in goal, was that planned or because he was hot in the first half (12 of 18 saves overall)?
There, too, there are often differences between planned plans and implemented plans. What is certain is that it is important to applaud the performance of our No. 1 goalkeeper and to see him at this level. We’ll need it for a very solid performance. That’s what we’re looking for around these matches: finding the goalkeeping position and Vincent (Gerard) with utmost confidence and assurance.

Charles Bolzinger will not play a minute in two matches, it is not a concern if it is needed in the World Cup, behind Gerard and Desbonnet?
A friendly game of this level is not a fan school. We’ll see how things go. It gives a trend, but does not close anything. We will see on the spot.

But is Charles Bolzinger (ischio) fit physically?
If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be on the page. We are not here to give gifts to anyone. »

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