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Key new partnerships that strengthen Xperi and deliver enriched experiences

Paris – January 5, 2023 – At CES 2023, Xperi (NYSE: XPER) demonstrates its commitment to delivering new consumer experiences. They can enjoy the highest quality audio and video content available in all forms of entertainment through premium brands and partnerships such as TiVo®, DTS®, HD Radio™ and IMAX® Enhanced, a technology partnership between IMAX and DTS.

As consumer demand for a quality digital experience continues to grow, Xperi brands deliver superior quality, reliability and ease of use, enabling partners to improve their technology offerings and meet consumer demands. Here are the announcements of the Xperi brand.

TiVo brings entertainment together by making it easy to find, watch and enjoy content. At CES 2023, TiVo is showcasing its newly announced Powered by TiVo™ platform on a new line of Vestel smart TVs ahead of a planned 2023 launch.
• In September 2022, Xperi announced a landmark agreement with its standalone media platform TiVo® OS and Europe’s leading manufacturer, the first original equipment manufacturer (OEM), to launch “Powered by TiVo™” Smart TVs. “. These latest Smart TVs are expected to be available in Spring 2023 from brands like Vestel, Daewoo, Regal, Hitachi, Telefunken and JVC.
• TiVo and leading semiconductor manufacturer Amlogic announce integration of TiVo OS into 4K and 2K chips designed for Smart TVs; It significantly reduces cost and time to market for TV OEMs and provides a turnkey solution for rapid deployment.
• TiVo OS has a new hardware and technology partner, CVTE, a leading supplier of LCD motherboards, digital displays and smart devices.
• TiVo OS is a partner of Samba TV, a world leader in audience, monetization quality measurement and content analytics.
• TiVo OS monetization businesses include platforms such as Magnite, the world’s first independent SSP advertising platform; Microsoft Advertising and Xandr’s Monetize SSP, a marketplace publishing platform for premium advertising; Unruly, a well-known video advertising platform specializing in CTV (Connected TV); and PubMatic, an independent technology company providing the digital advertising source of the future.
• TiVo’s Pay-TV business grew with Mediacom providing TiVo’s IPTV services.

DTS’s business includes home theater systems, automobiles, mobile devices, and more. focuses on picture and sound with immersive audio technologies. At CES, DTS is showcasing its premium audio and sensor technology with several OEM customers including TPV, TCL, Hisense, Hyundai, BMW, Honda, Mobis and Garmin.
• DTS Play-Fi® technology, which creates an ecosystem of wireless audio devices regardless of brand or manufacturer, was recently named a CES Innovation Award winner in the streaming category for in-bar Home Theater TV technology, sound and speakers. This is the third CES Innovation Award for Play-Fi technology. In 2022, Play-Fi technology was recognized for the Play-Fi Home Theater for TVs as well as the Play-Fi mobile app.
• DTS:X, the most advanced audio decoder for TVs, will be available on new LG TVs. LG will introduce a range of new premium OLED TVs and LCD TVs with built-in DTS:X audio, scheduled for release in Q1 2023.
• DTS AutoStage™ and DTS AutoSense™ platforms deliver personalized, infotainment-rich in-car experience solutions that revolutionize entertainment, safety and convenience in the connected car. DTS AutoStage technology is available in more than 60 countries and has been implemented by five car brands, including Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, Genesis, Kia and a major Electric Vehicle manufacturer. In 2023, a video platform will be launched with a leading equipment supplier. DTS AutoSense technology has been selected for six OEM applications from US, German and Japanese brands.
• The powerful combination of the DTS AutoStage and DTS AutoSense platforms can be seen in the new Unified Cabin™ experience, which offers facial recognition and entertainment enhancement capabilities to support Garmin’s personalized in-car infotainment solution.
• Xperi’s “connected car” business is committed to improving safety and the driving experience; in this role, he recently produced a report exploring the perception of the vehicle as a “third space” and what drivers and passengers are looking for to improve their transportation experience.

HD Radio™ technology is the most widespread subscription-free digital radio platform on the market today with over 2,500 radio stations and 95 million cars on the road.
• The footprint of the HD Radio platform is growing rapidly and crossing borders, as seen in the recent adoption of HD Radio technology by Canada’s Pattison Media.
• The HD Radio platform has grown rapidly and crossed borders, as evidenced by the recent adoption of HD Radio technology by Canada’s Pattison Media.
• HD Radio technology has been providing consumers with new digital broadcast content for over 20 years and is available on all major vehicle manufacturers.

IMAX Enhanced, a technology partnership between IMAX Corporation and DTS, makes it possible to enjoy especially reliable content at home. At CES, demos of IMAX Enhanced are being shown on select high-end devices such as Sony TVs and POS soundbars, as well as the latest IMAX Enhanced-certified mobile devices.
• DTS signature IMAX audio, DTS:X®, will launch on Disney+ in 2023, further enhancing the audio and visual technology of select Disney+ movies on certified devices.
• Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), IMAX Corporation and DTS have extended their agreement to distribute several new titles in the IMAX Enhanced format, featuring IMAX-quality content and premium audio technology from DTS.
• The number of devices compatible with the IMAX Enhanced format continues to grow, with many new devices being added throughout 2022. New and expanding partners include: TPV, Vestel, LG, TCL, Sony, Hisense and HONOR.

“We are pushing the boundaries of technology to meet growing consumer expectations for more immersive, personal and secure entertainment experiences,” said Jon Kirchner, managing director of Xperi. “Driven by research and innovation, our researchers continue to ensure that every interaction with smart devices, connected vehicles and content is seamless. »
Xperi continues to grow and evolve to serve its OEM partners and consumers. In October 2022, it became Xperi Inc. to focus solely on products and services. Xperi technologies are already in 30 million homes, 95 million cars and billions of consumer devices.

Xperi’s integrated entertainment solutions will be on display at CES 2023 January 5-8 at Park MGM Madison Meeting Center and LVCC West Hall, Booth #5541. For more information and updates on all Xperi branded solutions, visit www.xperi.com/ces. -2023/. General information about Xperi solutions is available at www.xperi.com.

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