List of new games in January 2023

rise of the wolf hunter, Imperial period II, Personality 4,… What are the must-see games on Xbox Game Pass this January?

At the beginning of each month, Ecran Large brings you an overview of the free games coming to expand your Xbox Game Pass. Here’s a non-exhaustive and edited list of the latest additions to Microsoft’s video game catalog available with a subscription across all game genres.



Release Date: January 3rd

“Where are you Wilson?!”

Why you shouldn’t miss it? Fans of love stories Robinson Crusoe or Alone in the worldhere is a blessing for you. StrandedDeep Being lost on an island in the eddy of the Pacific Ocean is an opportunity to assess your own coping skills. This challenging survival game, This reminds me of recent times Forest and especially raftingusing ingenuity and self-preservation to drag you once more into the enemy wilderness to fight there.

Therefore, alone or with a companion, you will have to recover from a plane crash to reach the first living island, and then build something to navigate the open ocean. It is obvious that, everything will want to kill you, making exploration even more difficult. This tool-collecting and tool-making adventure certainly wouldn’t be fun without a little Jules Verne sprinkled in and giant squids attacking your makeshift raft. Patience is always the best quality to survive in this kind of games.


Release date: January 19

Persona 3 Wearable: ImageA definite definition of style

Why you shouldn’t miss it? This is the case recently persona 5 king Joined the Xbox Game Pass catalog, enriching it with one of the best JRPGs of recent years. A real little miracle that we passed easily 50 hours of gameplay without seeing how time passes. If you’re already part of a conquered game (or license), here’s some new good news. These two predecessors Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Goldadded to the fun.

Both critically and fan-acclaimed and It benefits from very long life and excellent scenarios, games offer you a very long-lasting double adventure at your fingertips. However, it will be necessary to go beyond this dated graphics and finding lots of free time to be able to fully enjoy these extraordinary works. A barrier to entry into what many consider to be among the best games of its genre, once overcome (Personality 3especially).


Release date: January 20

Monster Hunter Rise: Pictures“Forward to the Hunt”

Why you shouldn’t miss it? with the epic wolf hunter, Capcom demonstrated its ability to develop other major licenses; not only street fighter Where Resident Evil in life (for street fighter though). The franchise offers you to hunt giant monsters alone or together with others, and its very solid gameplay has conquered millions of players.

rise of the wolf hunter takes all the assets that make the series successful; a relatively large world, a very diverse livestock and a neat co-op mode, which adds a new element to its already very rich system, Wirebug, a kind of hook that offers more possibilities in movement. If you like a challenge and don’t mind spending hours crafting weapons and equipment, check out the game.


Release date: January 31

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition: image“What a wonderful civilization… Destroy everything.”

Why you shouldn’t miss it? Because we know it’s a remake The Age of Mythology is on its way, we are dying to be able to attack the Egyptian or Greek cities of our friends with the help of Zeus or Thor. Great remake until this happenedImperial period II It’s available now on Gamepass. One of the best RTS in video game history it offers itself an optimal make-up and gives us everything we dream of having to wage war according to the rules of the art.

Whether it’s purely competitive (which will require extraordinary persistence and composure) or partly fun with friends, Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is an important element of its kind. Therefore, we do not find diplomacy and historical realism there King of the Cross 3But All the misery of the game will be held in the excess and intensity of its battles. Civilizations are burning and each (with their own strengths and weaknesses) will have a chance to destroy their opponent until the final attack. Exciting.


Release date: January 31

Inculinati: Image The joy of the coming New Year brings us back to our old antics

Why you shouldn’t miss it? After an unexpected nugget (a must-discover!) Repentancewe are already eagerly returning to the world of medieval literature. Inculinati. We find it there the aesthetics of medieval illusions and manuscripts that we adore Repentance, but here with a much tighter burlesque. It’s not without its rapping, in addition to its humorous and artistic diversions Departure for the cavalryanother small independent success.

In Inculinati, we capture paper-tagged creatures to make them warriors and flip through the pages in search of deadly duels. That’s why it is tactical combat game with noticeable originality is offered to us here. Wanting to be a tribute to creativity and irreverence, Inculinati It invites us to test whether the pen is indeed mightier than the sword and guide our army of strange creatures to victory. The single-player campaign should lead us to fight with opponents such as the Grim Reaper or Dante, while a PvP mode on the local network is also planned.

A Tale of the Plague: Requiem: ImagePlague Tale: Requiem, one of our 2022 favorites, is still on Game Pass



StrandedDeep – January 3
Persona 3 Portable – January 19
Persona 4 Gold– January 19
rise of the wolf hunter – 20th January
Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – January 31
RoboQuest – at the end of January
Inculinati – January 31


StrandedDeep – January 3
Persona 3 Portable – January 19
Persona 4 Gold– January 19
rise of the wolf hunter – 20th January


StrandedDeep – January 3
Persona 3 Portable – January 19
Persona 4 Gold– January 19
Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition – January 31

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