Best free games on PS5: Free-to-play titles on P

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(Pocket fluff) – Nothing is better than free. Paying for games is perfectly fine, but if you’re having a hard time and want to tighten your wallet, there are plenty of alternatives.

Even PlayStation 5 has a wide variety of games that you can enjoy without spending a single penny, allowing you to enjoy a rich experience without spending a single penny.

We have collected the best options for you here. But if you’re looking to buy a game, check out our lists of the best PS5 games in the table below.

Astro’s playroom

When you first connected to your PlayStation 5, this great little game was installed for you to try, but if you’ve never bothered, think again! Astro’s Playroom is worth a reboot. It’s a cute little platform game that’s kept simple, but a lot of fun.


Its biggest selling point is that it uses DualSense controller haptics like nothing else on the planet, giving incredible feedback that takes immersion to a whole new level. Be sure to give it a try and see how many of his hidden collections you can find.

Warzone 2.0

The next generation of Warzone came with Modern Warfare 2, but this part of Call of Duty is completely free and allows you to explore the huge map of Al Mazrah without paying a single penny.

Battle Royale is as intense and tactical as ever with new weapons and gear, and the game has also added DMZ, a slightly more relaxed mining mode, although it still manages to create moments of extreme chaos.

Rocket League

Rocket League, a rocket car game, is very similar to football (or soccer) in that the goal is to score goals against the other team, but its physics-based gameplay makes it even crazier.

It’s engaging and addictive with short play times, and while you’ll start having fun almost immediately, it can take you years to master its more complex techniques as you slowly climb the ranks.


Fortnite has gone from strength to strength, reaffirming its position at the top of the video game popularity heap. This great shooter now offers modes without building mechanics, making it much easier to get started.

It also looks great on PS5, thanks to recent updates that use the latest graphics technologies for great lighting and more detailed environments.

Overwatch 2

If you’re looking for a shooter with an equally impressive visual identity but a very different gameplay, Overwatch 2 has tighter maps and team modes to give you a competitive proposition.

It might not be the most feature-rich game on this list right now, but if you get a few friends together, it still offers plenty of opportunities for tactics and team chemistry, making it a potentially special title.


A good fighting game is always fun, and Multiversus uses the Warner Bros universe to deliver many popular characters that you can play as they fight each other.

The systems are surprisingly tight and there’s a good base of combat underneath, making it a really interesting game to play once you get used to the controls.

Genshin effect

Released at the end of 2020, Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game that offers you to explore a vast and peaceful world by collecting heroes and weapons to face dungeons and quests.

It’s a full-fledged MMORPG that really looks and sounds great on PS5, but it has a slightly more predatory monetization system than most games on this list, so keep that in mind when navigating through its extensive free content. .

Fate 2

Destiny 2’s move to free made sense and offers a really compelling insight into its universe and the thrills it offers before you have to pay.

That said, you won’t get very far without running into bonus walls, and having the latest expansion pack is usually the best way to have fun. If you can understand the complexity of the game interface, you can explore the world of great challenges together with your friends.

Written by Max Freeman-Mills.

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