Your Laptop Keyboard Is Like New Again (Thanks to This Trick)

you want clean the laptop keyboard ?

Debris, dust, bacteria…

With all this dirt, it is important to maintain it regularly.

But be careful, because you shouldn’t do it anyway.

You know that the keyboard is one of the dirtiest things in the house.

Worse than a toilet! yuh!

When I learned this, I asked my computer friend Paul how he cleans his keyboard.

This is also the method he uses to own the keyboard clean if it was new.

What do you need

– soft fabric

– 90° alcohol

– air bomb

How to do it

1. Disconnect the computer.

2. Remove the battery.

3. Also, remove headphones, USB keys, and anything else that might interfere with cleaning.

4. Take a dry cloth and gently run it over all the buttons to remove most of the dirt.

5. Take the aerial bomb.

6. Direct the air flow on the keyboard to open the dust.

7. Carefully turn the computer over.

8. Tap the back gently to loosen the dirt.

9. Moisten your clothes with 90° alcohol.

10. Move gently over all the buttons.

11. Do the same between the buttons.

12. Wipe the keyboard with a dry cloth to dry it thoroughly.

The result

There you go, your laptop keyboard is now clean 🙂

Simple, practical and effective!

No more messing around with buttons, dirty keys and a sticky keyboard!

You see, cleaning the keyboard is very easy and quick without removing the keys.

You can do this maintenance once a week to have a nickel keyboard.

Alcohol at 90° has one advantage effective disinfectant and economic.

Kills all bacteria in one fell swoop.

It’s more comfortable knowing we’re putting our fingers on a nickel keyboard, isn’t it?

And it works regardless of your computer brand: Lenovo, HP, Aspire, Dell, MSI, Asus, Compaq, Samsung, Toshiba…

Alternatives to cleaning your laptop keyboard

– If you don’t have 90° alcohol, you can use it white vinegar. Just proceed in the same way with 90° alcohol.

– It is also possible to clean with it soapy water, simply. To do this, pour hot water into a bowl. And add a drop or two of dish soap. Dampen the cloth and wipe over and between the buttons.

– You can replace the fabric with Cotton Sticks for more precise work.

– You can also use Post-it to clean between computer keys.

– Nothing stops you from taking a soft toothbrush or a bristle brush to remove debris stuck between the buttons.


Attention, they say, you need to moisten the cloth (or cotton swab).

Above all, don’t make it too wet.

No drops should fall on the computer.

To do this, moisten the cloth a little and do not press too hard on the buttons.

3 tips to avoid when cleaning a laptop keyboard

– Avoid getting hot air on your keyboard. For example, it is not recommended to use hot air from a hair dryer. Heat can melt switches and warp them.

– Do not use a vacuum cleaner. The blow is very strong and it can damage the keys.

– Do not use a wet cloth. Indeed, liquid can flow between the keys and damage the computer’s circuitry. One must use it slightly damp cloth.

– Never use an abrasive product: this is a product with more or less hard grains that can scratch the keys.

– Do not use solvent products such as white spirit, turpentine… Because these are products that can dissolve certain materials. Therefore, they can damage the keyboard.

Is it possible to remove the keys to clean the keyboard of a laptop computer?

If the keys on the keyboard are really dirty, you may want to remove all the keys from the keyboard.

Even if you spill coffee or coke, it can be important…

Technically, this is quite possible.

You can even use a special tool to remove the buttons.

It remains to clean them one by one with white vinegar or 90° alcohol.

Remember to let them dry before changing them.

But is it really a good idea to do so?

I think it is necessary think carefully before starting this operation!

Because you have to make sure you can pull the keys up.

First, it is recommended that you draw yourself when you separate them.

This can be very useful to put all keys in their (right) place.

But you still need to have some know-how to remove all the keys and put them back without any problems.

If you are a beginner or not very handy, it is better to avoid.

Therefore, this is an operation reserved for computer service professionals.

Your turn…

Have you tried this trick to clean your laptop keyboard? Comment in the comments to find out if it worked for you. We look forward to reading from you!

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