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The PS5 is still in the early 2023 gamer spotlight, which is good because it’s currently available at regular prices from Amazon.

[Mis à jour le 05 janvier 2023 à 10h01] Finding the PS5 has always been more complicated than it seemed after its November 2020 launch. Its popularity and limited production during the pandemic have made it an extremely rare product in stores and online, forcing consumers to monitor the game. little supply and immediate response. The good news at the moment is that if the console is not available on the French sites or is only available sporadically, it is available for a while on Amazon’s German and English sites, allowing you to get the bundle God of War: Ragnarök + controller + console with shipping for just €638 (compared to €619 in France). We list the best deals on PS5 consoles and its accessories and games below.

Today’s PS5 sales

Once again, Amazon leads the dance in Playstation 5 sales. The American company continues its good momentum in December, which saw it as the sole PS5 seller during the festive season. You can currently find plenty of PS5 Digital and Standard God of War: Ragnarök bundles on the retailer’s English and German sites. We can recall that Ragnarok narrowly missed out on the title of Game of the Year 2022, scoring around 94/100 in the critics’ score. The game is a great showcase for the performance of your new console and an adventure like no other.

The best used PS5 deals

The best promotions on PS5 games

With a catalog of exclusives that brings together the biggest licenses in the history of video games, the Playstation 5 has all the weapons to take on the giant Microsoft in the home console market. Also thanks to this anthology of major licenses we found Spider-Man, Gran Turismo, God of War, Horizon and The Last of Us, the Japanese console is the first choice of many French people. If you’ve managed to get your hands on the coveted PS5 and want to expand your game catalog, here are the best deals on the most popular PS5 games.

In addition to its extremely powerful console, Sony has developed a range of accessories that allow you to enhance your gaming experience. From Pulse headsets to DualSense controllers, here are the best deals and promotions on PS5 accessories through PS+ subscriptions. If you’re looking to treat your friends over for wild couch parties, promotions on Pulse headphones known for their quality sound, and deals on PS+ gift cards, below you’ll find the best prices for DualSense controllers.

CDiscount has established itself as the Playstation 5 market leader in France for some time. By far the most regular resellers when it comes to Sony’s console, the website quickly gained a reputation for selling the console several times a week. Small problem is only on the platform, consoles are rarely sold alone. Instead, CDiscount offers bundles that include a console, one or two controllers, various accessories, and a few games. A bargain for anyone looking to build a gaming setup.

PS5s at CDiscount

Amazon, the second most stocked brand of the PS5, benefits greatly from its international influence and large number of European sites. Good news for French consumers who can try to get the Sony console on Amazon ES, Amazon GER, Amazon UK, Amazon IT and Amazon FR. The sheer number of possibilities, commensurate with the number of potential customers, makes for intense competition in restocking the PS5. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully follow the American site that we have made for you in this article.

PS5 on Amazon

At Micromania, we can’t boast of having many PS5 consoles for sale lately. A video game retailer has not put a console back on sale for several weeks, a rare but logical fact given the ongoing shortages in the home console market and the last Black Friday 2022. Indeed, Micromania may be reserving its stock for an opportunity. For example, like Cyber ​​​​​​Monday, you will have to keep an eye on the e-commerce site or even go to the store. Remember, Micromania has the option to add the PS5 to your wishlist, making it easier to buy it the day it’s back in stock.

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