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Digital magazine for issue 15 to be published in July 2023 Trajectories Humanas Transcontinentales “Territories, Vulnerable Populations, Public Policies” of the International Network for Latin America, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean (TraHs) of the University of Limoges (France) will receive papers on:


In 2008 and 2014, live models staged demonstrations in France to make nude posing a “real job” and to demand recognition of their status and better living conditions. We tend to forget the important role models play in Art and, more recently, Digital, as the use of a live model allows the artist to ensure that what he represents is humanly possible. In fact, it should be remembered that the art of posing is not about the beauty of the body, but about meeting the needs of the artist. Therefore, the model is far from being a simple object offered for viewing.

In the next issue of TraHs (Trayectorias Humanas Trascontinentales), we would like to highlight the complexity of this profession. Since this profession is so little known, we would like to focus on thoughts, reviews, interviews, highlighting the options it provides in all areas. It is also legitimate to wonder whether the way the authorities view the profession – and the position of the authorities – has evolved over the centuries as have the demands of employers. Does the very concept of “model” change? Why and how to become a model? Does this profession dream of you? What strategy is used to circumvent moral, religious and health prohibitions? For example, how are the models organized during the period of imprisonment? This is just the beginning of a non-exhaustive list of questions.
Therefore, it is a matter of collecting experiences and data in interdisciplinary dynamics throughout the history of mankind and on all continents: the modeling profession is both financial and psychological, historical, aesthetic, physical, social…

Therefore, we invite contributors to send us their communications (in French, English, Spanish or Portuguese) that can invest in the historical, sociological, anthropological, literary, artistic field and are based on historical facts (testimony, interview), fiction. April 30, 2023 Adhering to TraHs journal publication standards.

Articles written in the final version (in French, Spanish, Portuguese or English) should be sent to the following address:

Journal Director: Dominique Gay-Sylvestre, University of Limoges, France


Issue Coordinator: Nelly Sanchez, University of Limoges, France


and includes, among others:

– CV,

– A letter confirming their authenticity and that they have not been submitted to other journals

Authors are informed about the decision of the scientific committee no later than: May 31, 2023 for digital publication planned in July 2023


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Publisher: Laurent Léger, University of Limoges, France

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