YouTube: The 10 Most Watched Video Game Videos of 2022… it’s surprising

Game News YouTube: The 10 Most Watched Video Game Videos of 2022… it’s surprising

Wondering what are the most viewed gaming videos on YouTube? Expect a few surprises.

10. Fortnite: Race Map Codes

With just over 20 million views per hour, this Battle Royale Fortnite video is the 10th most watched gaming video of 2022. Epic highlights here the codes of racing maps created by several talented creators. Because yes, Fortnite isn’t just about killing and building, it’s also about racing through a creative mode.

9. Fortnite: No Build Mode Trailer

You’ll see a lot of Fortnite in this ranking to alert you right away. Here we are officially introduced to the game’s non-construction mode. Because yes, construction mechanics have always been a real sticking point among different types of players. While many believe that mastering them is essential, others see it as a real obstacle and are more than happy to discover this new addition. As with the other modes, players have the option to launch Solo, Duo, Trios, and Sections to vary the experience.

8. Fortnite: SawYair’s Frost Survival

Here we go…Fortnite. Yes, once again. This time we are talking about the map created by the player Sawyer. The goal: to survive hordes of crazy characters. Here’s the code for those interested: 2228-7588-2382.

7. Fortnite: Season 4 Chapter 3 Cutscene

Come on, one more for the road. After closing all sorts of partnerships with Dragon Ball and Naruto, Fortnite opens up to the rest of the universe in a trailer for its third chapter, Season 4. This time we have the right to get new skins like Spider-Gwen from Spider-Man’s Spider-Verse. And for this new season, a strange chrome liquid infects everything it touches. Weapons and even players will be affected by this chrome in different ways, while a related boss creates and controls a legendary army.

6. Fortnite: Uninstalled Battle Maps Codes

This time is really the last. You’ve been shown a builder-free mode as well as creative maps, where the two are combined. Epic has released a video sharing some code for having fun on zero-build battle maps. Obviously, the idea was very popular.

5. Lil Nas X – STAR WALKIN’ (League of Legends Worlds Anthem)

Why don’t we listen to some music for a change? Around this time every year, League of Legends fans eagerly await the arrival of Anthem of the Worlds, a spectacular competition that crowns the best players on the planet. Rapper Lil Nas X was honored to perform the title this year. The clip called “STAR WALKIN” became a real hit.

4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II: Gameplay Trailer

Well ahead of Lil Nas X, Modern Warfare 2’s gameplay demo was a hit with the public. Activision’s reboot of the game it originally released in 2009 was one of the stars of Summer Game Fest. The title gets a makeover with new graphics and offers players a single-player mode and a “narrative-driven” co-op mode, as well as a traditional multiplayer mode. The game will end with a nice score of 16/20 in our columns: “Honoring the work of 2019, the series innovates with a very solid foundation, brings new gameplay, new equipment.

3. Banda MS’ 141 – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

A little more music, this time with a more surprising name, but especially pleasant. 141 is the first Mexican regional song to appear in the Call of Duty series. As for Banda Khanum, it is a very popular orchestra for popularizing regional music. 141 pays homage to the game’s Mexican special forces and more specifically to the character of Colonel Alejandro Vargas.

2. Poppy Playtime – Chapter 2

This second place on the podium is actually occupied by a title that we did not expect. This is the second chapter of Poppy Playtime, a horror and puzzle game where you must survive the vengeful spirit of abandoned toys waiting for you in a toy factory. The player must use the GrabPack to short out electrical grids and grab objects from a distance without ever getting caught. A concept that obviously appeals to a lot of people.

1. Call | League of Legends – 2022 Season Cutscene

This video is not only the first in the ranking, but also far exceeds the others, reaching 142.8 million views. A new cinematic for the launch of the 2022 League of Legends season has revealed enough spectacular action-packed sequences to herald the color of what’s to come.

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