What are the most beautiful universities in the world?

University of Oxford, England

Founded at the end of the 11th century, Oxford is the oldest university in Great Britain. It consists of several colleges with different architectural styles (Romanesque for Christ Church Cathedral, Classicism for Queen’s College, Victorian for Somerville College, etc.), but above all its Gothic buildings make it recognizable.

University of Coimbra, Portugal

The history of this university, located in the city of the same name, dates back to 1308. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List for its architecture. It includes baroque buildings such as the truly luxurious 18th-century Joanina library, as well as soothing cloisters and a botanical garden.

University of Glasgow, Scotland

Founded in 1451, the University of Glasgow is not only one of the most prestigious universities, but also one of the most beautiful universities in the world. Its various campuses are distinguished by neo-Gothic and Victorian architecture. Its most recognizable elements are the main building topped with a clock tower and the cloisters.

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Wuhan University, China

This Chinese university, founded in 1893, is considered one of the best universities in the country. It really has an elegant environment, overlooked by Luojia Hill and East Lake. Throughout the year, the university is lit up with many flowers. Its magnificent cherry blossom garden makes for a festival in the spring.

Royal Roads University, Canada

This university in British Columbia has been located in the famous Hatley Castle since 1995. Built in the early 20th century in neo-Tudor style, the castle has become a major historical site in Canada. It has been the setting for numerous television and film productions, starting with the X-Men saga where Professor Xavier’s school is located.

Lomonosov State University, Russia

Moscow University was founded in 1755, and in 1953 it settled in a 240-meter high skyscraper. This impressive building is one of the “seven sisters” built by order of Stalin and is now an integral part of the Moscow landscape.

University of Cambridge, England

Often cited as one of the most prestigious universities in the world, the University of Cambridge, founded in 1209, is also one of the most luxurious. Among its most beautiful buildings are King’s College, Gothic style, Trinity College or St. John’s College has a chapel.

University of Bologna, Italy

The history of the University of Bologna, considered the oldest in the West, dates back to 1088. It consists of very old buildings, such as Palazzo Poggi, whose various rooms have been decorated by Italian Renaissance masters. Even older, the Spanish College (1364) consists of sumptuous rooms and rich galleries overlooking an inner courtyard.

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University of Salamanca, Spain

The University of Salamanca is a masterpiece of the Plateresque style. Founded in 1218, it delights both students and visitors with its rich architecture. In particular, you can admire its pediment with elegant sculptures, its luxurious cloister and its library with precious wooden shelves.

Trinity College, Ireland

Not to be confused with Cambridge University College, Trinity College is a landmark in Dublin. Founded in 1592, this university consists of magnificent buildings such as the Alumni Memorial Building, the church or the campanile. Trinity College library is famous for holding treasures such as Brian Boru’s harp or the Book of Kells.

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