TV: Who is Cyril Hanouna’s right-hand man at TPMP, Marmandais Clément Garin?

Clément Garin is interested in the political life of the area. He was also selected for the Puch-d’Agenais. (©DR)

it happened journalistis seen more often businessman Now. He is also an editorial consultant Cyril Hanoun for the show “Don’t Touch My TV” and selected in the small town of Puch-d’Agenais. Clément Garin lives on all fronts. And it is full of ideas.

Clement was born Marmande. He lived for several years Tonneins before leaving Puch d’Agenais where his family still lives.

I’ve also been a resident of Agen for several years, so I travel between Paris, Pouch and Agen… I stay at 47 because I don’t feel like living anywhere else.

Clement Garin

After receiving it Tabla In 2015, he applied to the benches of Stendhal’s law school, “not really knowing what I wanted to do with my little life.” Finally, “fate plunged me into his world the media “.

If he didn’t follow the classic curriculum that young journalists follow today Lot-et-Garonne It has been carried out in this environment for 7 years.

Today, however, his various activities have distanced him from the world of journalism.

I returned my press card because the work I do today can no longer be considered true journalism. But I found a vein that intrigued me and excited me even more. I find scoops, sell them to the media, it’s a very juicy little job that I’m quite satisfied with, because I get to work on scoops that interest me, as I like…

Clement Garin

Various activities

As mentioned earlier, the 25-year-old Lot-et-Garonnais a “touch all”. It was noted for its content Twitterit started in 2016 cooperation With Laurence Pieau, then boss of Télé Star, Télé Poche and Closer.

He spent 5 years there before leaving at the same time as his former boss. During this internship, he had the opportunity to be interviewed Cyril Hanoun. Then who calls him. “He tested me TPMP. The test was inconclusive at first, then he called me again and I was columnist next to him is the occasional media, especially editorial consultant. »

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His take on Touche pas à mon poste

I have been a consultant for Cyril Hanouna for two seasons, my mission is to support him in the editorial content of the show, in the selected columnists, in the breakdown of the show, to find the best strategies to have the best audience the next day. Discovered by Médiamétrie at 9 am.
Obviously the show is very divisive today, but it appeals to 2 million viewers every night and I think it’s worth listening to. Today’s TPMP is no longer what it was ten years ago, but you have to know how to evolve according to what society wants. And today, audiences want politicized debates, but without gimmicky, pretentious, sanitized speeches. Whether we like it or not, the show moves the lines. Living three hours a day for twelve years, these must be ensured and sometimes there may be mistakes, but the important thing is to recognize them and fix them. It’s done every time.

In addition to this activity, the origin is Marmandais selected Opened in Puch-d’Agenais Art Gallery online. What drives her mindset: “I love the idea of ​​being one businessmanthere are several Business everywhere, investing in several things at the same time, taking risks, trying something.

A career in politics?

Clement invests in life Politics of his municipality.

I love politics, I am interested in my political life and I have never hidden my political label while speaking in various debates in TPMP. I was criticized and threatened with death for my position against Jan Messiah.

Clement Garin

More localthe interested party does not hide his displeasure: “I think we already know what I think after all this. election from two deputies RN in Lot-et-Garonne. The situation is worrying, but I’m not necessarily surprised. The French are fed up, of course, but not by voting for parties extremists things will get better.”

In fact, he has ambitions and hopes to make them heard:

“Today I am a minor elected official in Puch-d’Agenais, I don’t have time to employ myself more, but I really do. ambitions stronger, I’m keeping quiet for now, but I’m seriously thinking. I would like to set some things in motion and make my own voice in subjects that we do not master enough in our little corners, for example, ecology, homophobiathe bullying… »

Bullying: a subject close to your heart

Things are finally happening leitmotif of this young entrepreneur who lives his life at high speed.

But it is not always simple. She says she is a regular victim of cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying is hard to accept when you’re introverted and bullied in high school; it is a long task for a person to see on himself. In order to succeed in this particular environment, you have to accept the idea of ​​being constantly teased, followed, insulted. This is violence.

Clement Garin

Therefore, he wants to take measures to help young people in the same situation:

“My old high school kept in touch for a while master class about school bullying and cyberbullying. It moved me. I want to give my time to share my bullying experience. First a teenager, then an adult. To tell these 12, 13, 14 year olds that they are not alone and that what they are going through today will make them stronger later. Because I’m sure bullying What I experienced as a teenager in high school made me who I am today.”

In addition to this problem, the 25-year-old continues another struggle.

I’ve already had a very difficult leptospirosis in July 2017, a panic disorder in December 2019, and various other personal challenges that I’m still struggling with, but successfully. I am better today, I went from 46 kilos in December 2021 to 66 kilos in December 2022, so I can only be happy about that.

Clement Garin

Therefore, the battle on all fronts continues for the local Marmandais.

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