Sadri Fegaier designs services in favor of consumer purchasing power

On November 22, Sadri Fegaier announced the arrival of businessman and media specialist Alain Weill (NextRadioTV, Atlice, L’Express, etc.) to the Indexia Board of Directors. This is a real strength for the group: ” Being able to rely on such an experienced contractorrhymed thatAlain Weill is a great asset for the Indexia Group in the context of its development both in France and abroad.a stranger CEO and founder of Indexia Group explains.

Indexia Group was founded twenty years ago with the launch of the first “all risks” insurance covering multimedia devices and mobile phone communications in particular. Conceived and implemented by Sadri Fegaier, a young visionary entrepreneur from Romans-sur-Isère (Drôme), this innovation was the springboard for a success story whose chapters continue to be written. Today, Indexia is a specialist in the design and distribution of refurbished smartphones, services in the high-tech universe, and is diversifying into services for multimedia and the Internet. through its brands Hubside (website development) and Hubside.Store (distribution of new and refurbished multimedia products, repair and maintenance, rental, trade, loyalty programs, etc.). 2,500 partners in France and Europe support Indexia with 8 million customers. Having tripled its turnover in two years, the Group employs 3,000 people and projects a business volume of 1.26 billion euros in 2022. What is the recipe for this success?

The circular economy is a huge development lever for Sadi Fegaier

With the ability to anticipate new consumer trends, Indexia Group accelerates its development according to the real needs of users and ensures that it brings the right innovation at the right time. Thus, in 2020, Sadri Fegaier implements the Hubside.Store chain of stores, offering new and refurbished multimedia products supported by its repair and maintenance center in Romans-sur-Isère. ” The refurbished smartphone sector has huge growth potentialetc. marketé is expected to grow by more than 10% per year over the next ten years“, says the founder of Indexia Group. Selling 30-40% cheaper than new models, these products from the circular economy perfectly meet the expectations of consumers who are increasingly paying attention to the challenges of sustainable development and are concerned about finding ways to preserve their purchasing power. . Hubside.Store stands out in France for its model based on short circuiting and repair: refurbished devices for sale are collected in the store, then processed in its own repair workshop in Drôme, where 15,000 refurbished products are released every month.

Thus, in less than two years, 120 sales points were opened in France, and the network spread to Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Italy. The brand aims to reach 500 stores in Europe by 2024.

Maintaining purchasing power based on the latest innovations

Indexia Group’s development strategy, defined by Sadri Fegaier, aims to make technology accessible to everyone and provide everyone with the best multimedia experience. This is expressed through a wide range of services designed to optimize the purchasing power offered to Hubside.Store customers, such as the return or possibility of old products up to 1400 euros thanks to the Pass.Leasing, renting out a related object on an ad hoc basis (high-end speaker, drone, electric car, camera, etc.). As for the Buy Back subscription, it offers the possibility to exchange smartphones for the latest model after six or twelve months at no additional cost.

As part of the diversification of its activities, Indexia Group launches the Hubside.Reward.Club loyalty program (discounts and compensations on purchases from partner brands in the fields of food, leisure, fashion) to receive benefits of up to 2,400 euros per year. ., Gift Cards…). With this formula, Sadri Fegaier adds a new brick of service to improve everyone’s purchasing power.

Respect, innovation and intimacy: core values Sadie Fegaier

Behind this success story is self-taught entrepreneur Sadri Fegaier. He began his adventure in the late 1990s behind the counter of a mobile phone shop in the castle of Romans-sur-Isère (Drôme). Sadri Fegaier, who is in direct contact with commercial reality, has formed a business vision in this area based on the principles of service quality and proximity. A promoter of the circular economy and short-circuiting, the businessman also has a recruitment policy that favors local jobs in France and abroad. This strategy not only contributes to the development of the areas where Indexia Group is located, but also serves to build a customer experience adapted to the expectations and habits of the local population.

Key figures

In 2021, the volume of work is 1.1 billion euros

8 million customers in 7 countries

3,000 employees, including 2,200 in France

2,350 new hires in 2022, including 1,500 in France

120 Hubside.Store stores targeting 500 sales points in 2024

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