PS5: 4 games to watch in January 2023

Game News PS5: 4 games to watch in January 2023

After a busy year, the PlayStation 5 is off to a fast start in 2023: January will welcome a slew of exciting games, including Square-Enix’s exclusive console or the remake of an apparently cult horror game. . And not only!


  • One Piece Odyssey
  • forgotten
  • dead space
  • Season: A Letter to the Future

One Piece Odyssey

Here’s one game that will give you a serious fan base right away! Piece Odyssey has something that all fans of the popular franchise have been waiting for for many reasons: it will tell the origin of the journey of Luffy and all his companions. In addition to a story of its own, the game will introduce a “Memory World” that will allow you to relive key moments of the saga, showcasing religious arcs such as the Seven Waters. The emphasis is thus – as the title suggests – on adventure with a capital A, with exploration, dialogues everywhere and, of course, a good big fight. For once, the game will take the form of a J-RPG in the pure tradition of the genre, with multiple characters to control for turn-based combat. So we juggle head-to-head to progress through the story, some of which have unique abilities essential to pass certain levels: in short, if Bandai Namco’s promise is kept, we can get a nice banger for all fans of Eiichiro Oda. manga, he arrives at his home by accident.

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Square-Enix is ​​playing big here with the launch of this long-announced and several-times-delayed new franchise: this time it’s the real thing, and PlayStation 5 (and PC) players will be able to get their hands on this exclusive release. A console called Forspoken. story, It’s the case of Frey Holland, a young New Yorker who finds himself mysteriously thrown into a fantasy world. : accompanied by a funny talking bracelet – so why not? – and which gives him many formidable powers, he will go to explore magical lands and other dangerous civilizations inside the Liminous Engine, a next-generation engine directly developed (and praised) by the Japanese studio. Therefore, we are promised exceptional graphics and a game that is as deep as it is spectacular., a title that reigns supreme elsewhere in the Action-RPG branch. If you own a PS5, this is one of the biggest releases early in the year and possibly 2023, so keep an eye on this ambitious program.

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dead space

The Dead Space franchise, which started in 2008, comes to us from the mind of Glen Schofield, the creator of the latest The Callisto Protocol: it is not for nothing that these games resemble each other and, can you imagine, the first adventure of Isaac Clarke. He is preparing to return to the stage from January 27. As it is, it will be a remake made by EA Motive, and it can be said that the studio intends to do everything well: the plastic looks luxurious, the sound design is to die for, although a number of points are really improved. For example, our hapless hero will now be able to speak, while he was mute in the main game, resulting in rewritten dialogue, a tighter storyline, and more developed characters. The game seems to be dug further, such as antigravity zones where it will be possible to move freely in space, or strategic choices that will lead to certain critical combat situations. To be honest, this redesign promises to be ambitious: more than respecting the original material, it wants to go further and offer a more impressive ride. Ah, yes, we haven’t specified that. but it’s a tough sci-fi survival horror…so skip ahead if you don’t like (big) thrills.

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Season: A Letter to the Future

Lovers of poetry, dreamy travel and intoxicating nature, you’ve come to the right place! Season: Letter to the Future is a very interesting indie game where you play Estelle, a curious young woman living in a village perched in the mountains… who doesn’t know the seasons. Visible envy to explore the outside, our hero gets on his bike to explore the environment where the end of a season marks the end of an era: he will have to understand why and how and capture as many memories of the environment as possible before everything stops. Signed with a little melancholy but also a lot of beauty, this Scavengers adventure will not leave anyone indifferent and is based on an art direction that declares a huge ride with sparkling colors and deep messages. We’re crossing our fingers that it’ll be as glamorous as it is when the game comes out at the very end of January.

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