PS5: 3 games to absolutely buy in January

2023 is off to a flying start for PlayStation gamers, a January month rhymes with action-RPG.

2023 is off to a strong start on PS4 and PS5

You know it as well as we do, the world of video games never stops spinning. This applies to both developers and players. We’re barely through Christmas – we hope you’ve got something to brag about under the Christmas tree, enjoyed the best PS4 games, or were happily surprised to discover the PS5 – it’s time to put the lid back on.

January 2023 is starting off in the best possible way for PlayStation gamers, focusing on a genre that’s really hot right now: action-RPG. In 2022, he crowned both the best title and the best game of the year. Are we going for a walk again?

Our editors looked at the calendar for the first month of the year and we were able to isolate three titles that deserve more than one look. Follow the guide to start 2023 off on the right foot!

forgotten (PS5)

It was one of the most anticipated titles in 2022, it finally arrived after the final whistle. Published by Square Enix, forgotten a open world action-RPG It is offered as a console exclusive on the PlayStation 5. With magical gameplay – both in combat and action – the title looks a bit like a UFO in the video game landscape. And that’s what we like!

This is how Frey, the hero of the game, will be a hundred spells at his disposal, and the game will happily prompt you to alternate them. But what we’re really interested in are actions in the open world, which a parkour system. Offers dynamic, character movements a sense of freedom rarely seen in a video game. Once mastered after a few hours of play, these allow you to roam the world with bright eyes.

forgotten It launches on January 24th on PS5 and PC, and you can pre-order it now with the chance to get the following cosmetic bonuses:

  • Endless Cape
  • Necklace Set Symbols
  • Easy trigger varnish
  • Craft kit for beginners
Forgotten – €79.99

dead space (PS5)

Want to send shivers down your spine with a controller in hand? with dead space, a complete remake of the excellent survival horror from 2008, you will be very well served. If the general history of the title does not change one iota, we find there Isaac Clarke, a member of the technical team responsible for the study of the USG Ishimura, a spacecraft that no longer shows signs of life.

Obviously, the trip turns into a nightmare, and TPS brings us some of the best shots of the genre: an invasion of deformed creatures, a hero isolated from his allies, environments plunged into darkness, fear at any cost… We sincerely wish you a strong heart, especially with enhanced lighting effects for the event.

The game intends to take advantage of the technical capabilities of next-gen consoles, and therefore it will be offered as a single-shot sequence with no loading time. Dive into a horror game, frankly, what more could you ask for? There will be a game Available on PS5 from January 27thboth on PC and Xbox Series X.

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