PlayStation 5 – The best games coming in 2023 and beyond

In the world of video games, it’s not unusual to find information about games that are still years away from release. It’s also normal for a new game to appear and launch in just a few months. So far from an exhaustive list, we’ll take a look at the major PlayStation 5 game releases of 2023 and even better prepare for those next great adventures. So here are the best upcoming PS5 games.

What are the casino video game options on PlayStation 5?

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While many console players don’t necessarily go to an online casino or visit a live casino, it is a proposition that they can try traditional casino video gaming on a number of popular console titles.

Upcoming PS5 Exclusives

Let’s leave the subject of video casino games aside for a look at the PlayStation exclusives of 2023 and beyond.

The Bell of the Mountain

There’s nothing cooler than fighting robot dinosaurs in your room, right? If you’re planning to buy PS VR2 for PS5, you’ll want to keep an eye out for Horizon Call of the Mountain. Set in Guerilla Games’ thrilling Horizon universe, Call of the Mountain is an all-new story that sets aside Aloy’s adventure to follow a new character.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Having two Marvel titles released by Insomniac Games in the same year seems like a gift we don’t deserve. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will reunite Peter Parker and Miles Morales for double action. If you thought Parker’s latest outing was his toughest yet, wait until Spider-Man 2 brings together two spider-slaying foes: Kraven the Hunter and Venom. We’re sure more classic villains than Spidey and Miles Morales will appear, but these two alone pose a real challenge. Even for two spider-men.

Marvel’s Wolverine

Given Logan’s personality and mutant traits, fighting in Arkham Asylum can be imagined to be a bit more brutal. As the X-Men Origins: Wolverine vs. Logan game proves, the titular X-Man is made for violence. So we’d be surprised if Wolverine didn’t get a Mature rating. Of course, this is all just speculation, but one thing we can be sure of. With Insomniac scribes, the game will have deep and compelling stories.

Final Fantasy XVI

Players explore the world of Valisteia as a plague spreads and the mighty Eikon pushes the world’s six kingdoms to the brink of conflict. When the dark Eikon Ifrit brings tragedy to Clive Rosfield, the young hero embarks on a quest for revenge that takes him through many dangerous lands.

This is just the beginning of the PS5’s library, as many more titles will see the light of day over the next year. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming PS5 exclusive titles.

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