Original Bitcoin Developer Luke Dashjr Loses All His BTC

Tough start to the year for Luke Dashjr. One of the original developers of Bitcoin and one of the most prominent figures in the community has announced that almost all of his BTC has been stolen.

The original Bitcoin developer loses all his BTC

Luke Dashjr announced the news on his Twitter account late yesterday. He later explained that he had lost “a lot” of his bitcoins (BTC). and called the people for help :

A portion of the funds would be sent to the CoinJoin mixer, which allows transactions to be anonymized. In an update a few hours later, Luke Dashjr also confirmed that all of his BTC holdings had been stolen. The published addresses show that 213.6 bitcoins were transferred, which is in line with the current price In the amount of 3.5 million dollars.

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“Nightmare” for Luke Dashjr

The developer has reportedly contacted the FBI, who said they are not interested in the situation. When asked how the public can help him, Luke Dashjr dodged the question: And he described the situation as a “nightmare”. :

It should be noted that the Bitcoin developer claims that he does not know how these BTCs were stolen and clarifies this Everything comes down to compromise». We have a few details on how he protects his assets, most notably that he doesn’t use multisig. He confirmed that the cold wallet was also compromised.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao reacted to the posts and said that if the stolen BTC comes to the exchange, they would freeze. He also took the opportunity to tackle wallets of his own:

Details about the case need to emerge to understand how such a prominent member of the Bitcoin community is understood. could lose this huge amount, especially if it is stored in a cold wallet. It will be remembered from time to time that it is always preferable to keep your cryptocurrencies in “cold” wallets and take the best security measures.

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