LG 55 C2 OLED TV on sale! The best 4K TV of 2022 loses 800 euros

The news is a good plan LG 55 C2 OLED TV on sale! The best 4K TV of 2022 loses 800 euros

The 4K TV market has grown quite a bit over the past year. LG, the biggest leader in OLED TVs, has seen the arrival of a new big competitor: Samsung. In order to maintain its position as Kador, LG had to innovate its flagship C series. Thus, the best value for money 55-inch 4K OLED TV of 2022 was born. Currently, it is sold with a strong promotion on one site: Rue du Commerce.

At JVTECH, we independently test new 4K TVs from all major brands. The highly anticipated LG 55 C2 has slipped through our fingers and before our eyes. To be honest, I myself have inspected, analyzed, disassembled and measured this beautiful car. Final rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

Other TV models that have received the highest rating from our editors or colleagues are 2 or even 3 times more expensive than this 55-inch C2 on sale. The LG 55 C2, which retailed for around €2,000, is currently on sale at Rue du Commerce for just €1,199!

Buy LG 55 C2 for €1199 at Rue du Commerce

OLED Evo panel, 120 Hz, HDMI 2.1, powerful processor, ergonomic operating system, high-end design… what more could you ask for? To see all this at such a low price is quite exceptional in this era of high inflation.

LG 55 C2: One of the best 4K TVs on the market for PS5 games or an evening of Netflix.

If you want to delve into the details of what the LG 55 C2 has in store, I can only encourage you to read our full product review. I warn you, it’s quite long, but if I’ve done my job well, you should understand everything!

Regardless of whether you took the time to read my review or not, I will try to summarize the main points of my remarks in this article in a few lines. First, let’s go back to the basics: what is OLED and why is this technology superior to others? Depriving themselves of a backlight panel, OLED screens are the only screens that offer perfect blacks. talking about infinite contrast. It changes absolutely everything in use. The image is extremely accurate and deep.

Yes, but now this technology has 2 main analogues. First, mass production of large panels is quite complicated, so the price per inch is quite expensive. That’s why there’s interest in promotions going on right now. Second: OLED had a brightness problem. It was difficult to place an OLED TV in a very bright room… until 2022.

Last year, LG had success with the OLED Evo on the LG C2, a quick response to Samsung’s QD OLED. Thanks to their innovations, the two Korean firms offer OLEDs at around 1000 nits, which is really crazy. No more problems to enjoy infinite contrasts with direct light.

In terms of gameplay, as we know our audience loves it, it’s still hard to do better than C2. Whether you’re on PS5 or Xbox Series X, the C2 is, if not perfect, just perfect. VRR, ALLM, FreeSync Premium, 4 HDMI 2.1 ports, 120 Hz display (so you can play in 4K 120 FPS), PlayStation Perfect certified, official partnership between LG and Xbox… really, what more could you ask for? nothing.

Of course, this is Smart TV or connected TV In Molière’s language. LG’s operating system has improved quite a bit in 2022, and it’s personally my favorite on the market. The C2’s processor is strong for both upscaling (upgrading low-quality sources to 4K) and menu navigation (which is ultra-fluid).

Buy LG 55 C2 for €1199 at Rue du Commerce

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