Interview with Léa: Exchange at partner university at NOVA SBE in Portugal

In this article, you will find the testimony of Leah, an international exchange student. NOVA SBE In Portugal

Hi Leah, can you introduce yourself?

Hello, I am a student Rennes Business School. I am in Master 1 and I chose to do my exchange abroad in the 1st semester at NOVA SBE University in Portugal, or rather in the city. Carcavelos near Lisbon. I wanted to go for 1st semester because it gives me access dual degree in master 2.

Why did you choose this school and which courts did you decide to apply to?

Before choosing this particular school, I told myself that this is better stay in europe because many exchanges outside of Europe have been canceled due to COVID. So it was a safe choice. Then I chose Portugal because it’s a country that interests me and I’ve never been.

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I researched partner schools in Portugal finance courses. It turns out that NOVA SBE was one of the best Portuguese schools and it was ranked 11cMasters in Finance and 15 in the worldc in the world in management.

I chose finance-based courses because finance was one of the courses I was most interested in during my first year at Rennes School of Business. The master was 1, starting from the 1st semester more time My selection according to other students specialty from the second semester. Studying finance at another school allowed me to know if I was really interested in the subject.

More specifically, I chose the courses: Analysis of Financial Statements, Strategic foresight and scenario planning, Competitive strategy: an analytical approach, sustainable operations, leading social enterprises affecting international development and corporate governance.

Have you noticed any difference in workload between Rennes School of Business and NOVA SBE?

if we look number of course hours, Rennes School of Business has more than NOVA SBE. But the number of hours varies depending on the number of classes you take. On my part, the Rennes school asked me to confirm a minimum of 20 ECTS.

Although there were few classes, there was no shortage of work. There was one every week financial analysis and group work should be done. In addition, exam periods From them NOVA to SBE and Rennes only one in the first half. It forced us work regularly because there were only 6 weeks between the start of the school year and the first exam period. Nevertheless, we stayed enough time to go out and enjoy.

What can you tell us about student life on campus?

It is important to determine what the school consists of more foreigners than locals (From what I’ve seen for masters). The school organizes such events from the beginning of the school year foreigners can integrate well. For example, from the first days we were able to take a tour of the campus. Boat parties were held at school the next day.

There were other evenings throughout the year, but most of them were organized among groups of friends who met for drinks in, for example, Lisbon.

Is the cost of living the same as in France? Do you think Carcavelos or Lisbon are accessible for students?

First for housing The school offers those of an organization minimum 669€ per month. Otherwise, you can live in the city itself or in surrounding cities such as Lisbon. Because it is the capital living is quite expensive. I would say an average price range between 500 and 700€.

I would say for shopping prices are the same as in France except for the very expensive imported French products.

I would recommend taking it to be around package offering bus, train, metro and ferry you don’t live near the school. It is between 30-40€ per month. It’s cheaper to take it than to pay for each round trip every day.

All of this may seem a bit expensive and confusing at times, but we must remember that as students, we can do our best while studying abroad. ERASMUS+ scholarship. It is affordable for many students and it can help finance the rent, for example knowing that there is no APL.

Is it possible to travel to surrounding cities? Can we get around easily (by plane, train)?

We mostly went to the capital to go out in the evenings. Trains run from 5 am to 1:30 am.

By renting a car from several people, I was able to visit other cities of the country, such as Porto and Albufera. In Lisbon a airport so I went to Madeira with my friends. We rented an airbnb. There was no shortage of transportation for the trip.

Do you have any fond memories of this exchange?

At the beginning I was a bit scared to leave because all the other students from Rennes were leaving in the 2nd semester. 20 in total it was heartbreaking to go abroad and leave my friends. And finally there were the experiences I had there unbelievablemet new people, spoke English for 4 months… 100% recommend.

Thanks to student Lea from Rennes Business School for accepting this interview.

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