Fortnite Chapter 4: The Best Reality Enhancements – How To Pick The Right Perks

Fortnite was inspired by Call of Duty and introduced bonuses in Chapter 4. Find out what bonuses are available and which ones are the best here.

Cary, NC – The start of Chapter 4 saw a lot of changes in Fortnite. Epic Games started this new chapter with many new features and mechanics, the most important of which is probably the new perks. Also known as reality enhancements, these perks are strongly reminiscent of perks also found in Call of Duty. Here we show you all these passive perks in Fortnite and the best combos for different playstyles.

game name Fortnite
Get out July 21, 2017
Editor Epic Games
The developer Epic games, people can fly
Platform PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, Android
gender Battle Royale

How to get all the benefits of Fortnite: Chapter 4 – bonuses

Here are all the new Fortnite perks: Epic Games took inspiration from Call of Duty’s wildly popular class system to add their own twist to Fortnite. With these perks, you can adapt your playstyle during gameplay and work on a build that will increase your chances of winning Battle Royale. There are currently 22 different perks available in Fortnite Chapter 4, here’s a quick overview of all the perks:

Foiled As soon as you get on the car or truck, the vehicle is equipped with Chonker wheels and a cow bar.
Bloodhound Enemies hit with a sniper rifle or crossbow are marked for a short time.
summer specialist Bows draw and reload faster and you get arrows over time.
arc legend Get the Boom Spring and Mechanical Shockwave Spring
bush fighter On a large leaf, you recover your physical condition and some of your shields.
Chug Gunner Get a drinking ball
The first attack The first round in the assault rifle’s magazine deals extra damage
Rifle recycling Weapons that use medium ammo have a chance to not consume ammo.
light fingers Weapons using lighter cartridges reload faster
Lufticus Recall your hang glider whenever you want
More parkour Energy is regenerated shortly after climbing or jumping
party time Buy more time balloons
weapon booster Pistols have a significantly larger magazine
jellyfish fisherman Buy a fishing rod. You can fish anywhere with it, but you catch jellyfish.
Drink packets nurse There is a chance to find a drink package in every open container
Sprint Recharge Your equipped shotgun slowly reloads as you sprint.
sprint jump Jump higher and with less weight during sprints.
storm sign When the storm rolls over, you can tag nearby enemies and highlight them for a short time.
Improved tactical armor Get a tactical assault rifle and a combat shotgun
Prisoner with supplies The vehicles you sit in don’t use fuel and have more physical condition.
Forecast You can always see the next storm circle
Ordnance of destruction Destroyed items can drop explosives

How to get benefits: Unlike games like MW2, you can’t choose your bonuses before the game. Instead, Fortnite gives you new perks over time during a match. After spending enough time in a match, the game gives you a choice between two advantages. If both options don’t suit you, you can also spend a few gold bars to reroll the dice.

The longer you survive in Fortnite, the more perks you can choose over time. You have a total of four slots that you can fill with bonuses.

The best Fortnite Chapter 4 perks

Fortnite: The Best Perks – Combinations for every playstyle

Bet on these benefits: Fortnite has several advantages that can be useful in any situation. For example, perks like potion pack medic or attack token are always a safe bet, whether you want to survive longer or target your opponents. But if you have a certain style of play, it is better to combine your preferences well. Some of the best perk combos for Fortnite:

  • Close Combat (Shotgun and SMG) – Sprint Reload, More Parkour, Light Fingers
  • Ranged Combat (Assault Rifles) – First attack, recycle guns
  • Long range combat (sniper rifles and bows) – Luftikus, Bloodhound, More parkour (depending on the situation, bow specialist)
  • explosive (rocket launcher) – Weapon of destruction, Bush fighter, jump

Perks aren’t the only thing new in Fortnite. Epic Games shook up the entire Fortnite map in Chapter 4 and ported the entire game to Unreal Engine 5.1. Not only can you now explore a whole new island, but it looks better than ever on Xbox Series X, PS5 and PC.

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