Samsung Galaxy S22 for just €1 at Bouygues Telecom

For the Christmas season, the Samsung Galaxy S22 will certainly be in a good place under the tree. The smartphone flagship of the Korean manufacturer, released in February 2022, is a real hit. So when one of the stars of the year can be bought for just €1, it’s called a bargain. It’s happening at Bouygues Telecom and you can’t opt ​​out.

How to get Samsung galaxy S22 at a good price with Bouygues Telecom?

One of the bestsellers of the year. However, it is available for purchase with Bouygues Telecom from €1. So, how to get the Samsung Galaxy S22 at a discounted price with Bouygues Telecom?

It’s very simple: you just have to Choose the “package + mobile” offer from Bouygues. Indeed, by subscribing to the Bouygues Telecom mobile plan with a two-year commitment, several financing methods to cover the discounted price for the purchase of a new smartphone. You will find a particularly interesting solution for owning a high-end mobile phone like the Samsung Galaxy S22.

You have several options to buy the Samsung Galaxy S22 with Bouygues Telecom at an affordable price:

  • With smartphone financing 0%Samsung Galaxy S22 only 1€ after compensation (€15 per month for 24 months)
  • With free payment optionThe Samsung Galaxy S22 is in 89€ after payment (+€8 per month for 24 months)

A lower payment for the Samsung Galaxy S22 is possible with the Bouygues Telecom plan

Samsung Galaxy S22 from €1 with Bouygues Telecom

As we said, to take advantage of one of these three financing methods and pay less for the purchase of the Samsung Galaxy S22, there is only one condition: take the Bouygues Telecom mobile subscription and in this case the 200 GB package. €31.99 per month for one year (€49.99 per month thereafter), with a two-year commitment. Note that Bbox customers benefit from 5 monthly discounts on the price of their mobile plans.

FYI, the Bouygues Telecom 200 GB package is ideal for optimal convenience. this includes:

  • 200 GB of mobile internet on 5G, of which 100 GB can be used in Europe, DOM, Switzerland, Andorra, USA, Canada and China;
  • Unlimited calls and SMS from France and Europe, DOM, Andorra and Switzerland;
  • Unlimited calls to landlines in 120 countries. Unlimited calls and SMS to landlines and mobile phones in Europe, foreign departments, Switzerland, Andorra, USA, Canada and China;
  • 2nd Internet SIM card to use your plan on a second device (tablet, watch, etc.).

Samsung Galaxy S22: one of the best smartphones of the year

The Samsung Galaxy S22, launched in February 2022, represents the Korean manufacturer’s best-selling smartphone this year. It must be said that the latest additions to the large family of Samsung smartphones are a real gem. There are three good reasons to put it under the Christmas tree:

  • amazingly compact design, reduced to extremes thanks to screen borders. Ultra thin and light, it offers a particularly pleasant grip. But no less solid.
  • The magic of dynamic Amoled screen. The small 6.1-inch (15.5 cm) Galaxy S22 screen will amaze you with its fluidity thanks to its deep blacks, vivid colors and 120 Hz refresh rate.
  • always great photos. With a 50-megapixel primary sensor, 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle and 10-megapixel telephoto lens, the Galaxy S22, powered by a good dose of artificial intelligence, produces stunning shots.

For reference, Samsung Galaxy S22 is compatible with Exynos 2000 chip with 8GB RAM, powerful enough to support 5G and 3700mAh battery, up to 19 hours of video playback, fast charging and wireless charging. . .

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