CES 2023 – What to expect from this big tech event?

After a 2022 release marked by an Omicron variant and cancellations, CES is well and truly in physical form in Las Vegas. A publication that should offer its share of beautiful things.

The Consumer Electronics Show returns for its first major physical release since 2020 on January 5, 2023 (3rd time to press). For 6 days, the high-tech crowd will allow us to discover all the innovations in terms of innovations. many sectors. But what will these innovations be? Which manufacturers will participate? Between TVs, cars, speakers and other laptops, we take a short tour of what to expect from the world’s biggest tech show.

Living room in decline

For those who don’t know what CES is, it’s important to remember the basics. The show has been around since 1967 and is organized by the Consumer Technology Association. Here, at the beginning of each year, the main technological innovations and trends for the coming months are presented.

Drones, VCR or DVD were first introduced in the corridors of the show. Therefore, it is an understatement to say that CES is the perfect tech show. At least today, because that could change.

This 2023 edition is the first “normal” edition since the health crisis began. It follows the 2022 edition marked by the Omicron variant of the disease, forcing many major players to cancel their trips. Admittedly, health guidelines continue to be defined by the organization, but nothing is mandatory. According to organizers, this year about 3,000 exhibitors will take place in various halls of the huge Las Vegas Convention Center. The Consumer Technology Association hopes to attract more than 100,000 visitors this year. By comparison, in 2020 there were 4,500 exhibitors for about 117,000 visitors.

Samsung, of course, will be there to present its latest high-tech products once again this year. As in 2020, a combined refrigerator with a giant screen should be displayed at the exhibition. ©Samsung

The show’s apparent loss of momentum is driven, on the one hand, by the recent controversial launch, but also, above all, by the proliferation of in-house brand events. Indeed, the emergence of live streaming platforms and then the Covid era have shown that this style, expensive and restrictive physical event is not as necessary as it was in the past. The positive side of a show like CES is also the opportunity to demonstrate their innovations live and on site.

Although they are mostly part, giants like Meta, Google or Qualcomm have created their own events. Therefore, their presence at the show will be lighter, as with Qualcomm, which will demonstrate its progress in chips dedicated to autonomous cars, or Nvidia, which may show the RTX 4070. Therefore, we should not expect sensational announcements from them, as these are already prepared or will be made during their special event at the end of the year.

PC and OLED monitors, QD-OLED TV, software connected objects

The actors involved will have to reassure the public and professionals about the state of the sector after 2022, a very gloomy year. And like every year, there will be beautiful people here. We can mention Bosch, Nvidia, Canon, Microsoft, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Razer, TCL, Google, Mercedes Benz, General Motors, Stellantis or even Siemens. Not to mention the 200 French Tech start-ups that will come to represent France. Conferences are also planned during the exhibition.

CES French technology
France should once again send a wide range of technology companies to represent it at the fair. ©BusinessFrance

But if there’s one thing that’s unexpected, it’s the presence of major smartphone brands. They almost completely skipped CES to focus on Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February. On the other hand, we have to see the Motorola ThinkPhone, a smartphone designed in harmony with Lenovo’s famous ThinkPad computers.

Moreover, if the latest leaks are to be believed, Lenovo should launch a lot of products, including a lot of laptops. This segment should be well promoted by various manufacturers who often use the opportunity to showcase their new products. OLED laptops are slowly starting to arrive, maybe we can expect to see some new ones?

oled monitor
OLED monitors are becoming more and more efficient and could hit the gaming scene in 2023 if prices follow. ©Dell

On the topic of OLED, moreover, the screen method should be the star of PC monitors, especially dedicated to gaming. 2022 saw the arrival of OLED in external monitors such as the Alienware A3423DW or the Odyssey G8 from Samsung. Several brands are expected to introduce new 240 Hz OLED monitors, a very high refresh rate that is notoriously difficult to achieve for this type of display. Asus, Corsair or LG should show us their babies.

This year, televisions will also be in the spotlight. CES in Las Vegas has always been the place to showcase the latest technology in terms of panels. Expect to see bigger and more powerful QD-OLED displays. It is even said that Samsung should introduce a 196 cm (77 inch) QD-OLED TV.

The unique Matter protocol launched late last year, connected objects for the home, will be particularly scrutinized during this edition. Obviously, we expect manufacturers to produce new objects and appliances according to this protocol, which makes the installation and management of such devices much easier. Connected facilities should be especially in the healthcare, sports and smart city sectors.

Finally, every year more and more car brands come to present their developments, turning the side of the convention center into a real auto show. Electronics in cars have come a long way in recent years and a lot of interesting things are being developed, especially autonomous driving and electric cars.

Next major conferences

As we said, CES in Las Vegas opens its doors to the public on January 5. But the event begins today, Tuesday, January 3, with press days. On this occasion, participating brands organize conferences to present their products, which can be watched online. Here is a selection of conferences to see with French schedules.

  • Nvidia – Tuesday, January 3, 5:00 p.m.
  • Tech Trends to Watch – Wednesday, January 4 at 1:00 p.m.
  • LG Electronics – Wednesday, January 4, 5:00 p.m.
  • Panasonic – Wednesday 4 January at 19:00.
  • TCL – Wednesday, January 4, 10 p.m.
  • Samsung – Wednesday, January 4 at 11:00 p.m.
  • Sony – Thursday, January 5 at 2 p.m.

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