Bitcoin savings: discover the next FTX weapon of mass defense

Un plan B for everyone – It’s been 2 years already Journal du Coin suggests presents to readers to create bitcoin programmed savings plan owing to’Corner savingswas born after a partnership with a regulated French actor StackinSat. The topic is more relevant than ever as the crypto winter continues to intensify. Do not hesitate anymore and start automatically buying Bitcoin at the frequency of your choice! So you’ll be collecting valuable satoshis during these somewhat gloomy times.

Programmed investment: a method of selection to smooth the unit cost of an asset

It is very well known by the term DCA, which corresponds to the English acronym Average dollar value »programmed investment is the regular purchase of a fixed amount of any financial asset.

In other words, this method allows you to‘buy a larger quantity of units when the price of the asset is undervalued and On the contrary buying a smaller amount when the asset’s price is overvalued. Thus, you take full advantage of periods of recession and passively reduce your investments during periods of euphoria. This method is especially relevant, for example, in the context of an unstable market Bitcoin still very young and immature.

Programmed saving lowers costs by reducing the weight of purchases made during periods of overvaluation – Source: Medium

This is a method has proven itself and what advantages it has only a limited amount is required time and attention. You naturally optimize the average purchase price of the invested asset and avoid the difficult dilemma of what constitutes an optimal market entry point.

In addition, it allows you to automate your investment save yourself from the infamous FOMOFear of Losing – reflects a psychological bias that encourages investors to gain exposure to an asset that is already performing well. Often, doing so forces you to run away, with disappointing results.

When applied to a market with a long-term uptrend, creating a DCA is a proven strategy.

So is the implementation of a programmed repeat purchase strategy it is especially suitable for anyone who wants to invest without wasting time and energy in technical analysis and trading, moreover, it does not make any guarantee of the result.

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As every year, January 3 is celebrated as a holiday “Proof of Keys” (proof of keys), aims to reassert the importance of holding your bitcoins personally and directly. In other words, having a private key that allows you to interact with said BTC.

This initiative originates from a group of Bitcoin HODLers, “HODLers of the Last Resort ». Recall that a person with a HOLD holds their assets for a long period of time without ever parting with them.

The date was not chosen by chance and refers to the first block of the Bitcoin network, otherwise called “Building Block” and mined on January 3, 2009. By the way, January 3, 2020 is also the day StackinSat registered.

Purpose of the event Tricking users of the Bitcoin network into withdrawing their coins from exchanges keeping them without a trusted third party while marking the birth of the first peer-to-peer decentralized electronic payment network.

If you want to support the initiative, you can link the term [ Jan / 3 ➞ ₿ 🔑 ∎ ] to your Twitter profile.

not your keys, not your coin Bitcoin

StackinSat is a French company regulated and registered withMFA so that Digital Asset Service Provider (PSAN). was created by in January 2020 in Biarritz Jonathan Herscovici, Josselin Tonnellier and Mathieu Gilardet, the startup wants to democratize access to Bitcoin for as many people as possible. It is especially at the beginning of the event Bitcoin surfingThe first gathering around Bitcoin and its main issues in mainland France, the third edition took place last August in Biarritz.

Offered in partnership with StackinSat, Corner Savings offer does “out of jail”, implying that the company never holds bitcoins on behalf of its customers. Therefore, you must have a private Bitcoin address before any registration.

To set up your programmed Bitcoin savings plan, you need to complete the registration process by going to the address below Home page. choose “open account” at the top right of the page, then guide yourself. You must specify whether you are an individual or a professional, then provide name, name, Date of birth and telephone number.

The Coin Savings registration process is as simplified as possible

Once this step is complete, you will be prompted to show it amount and frequency desirable investments. That’s all you need to confirm the effective implementation of programmed investment in Bitcoin schedule a recurring bank transferfrom your personal bank account and the company account shown in the interface.

it will be necessary to conduct an identity check by KYC before any BTC purchase.

Note that this is a service unmarked. Therefore it is possible stop the investment plan at any time then to start over. Execution is also possible one-time purchases At any time, have several investment plans that complement each other or suit your needs: for example, pension, housing, travel.

of 1.5% fixed fee is taken during every bank transfer, shared between Journal du Coin and StackinSat. The minimum investment is set at 10 euros per month. StackinSat also offers a service guardianship at 2.5% versus 1.5% for direct delivery. To celebrate Proof Of Keys, the French company is also offering free withdrawals for jailed customers.

StackinSat performs transaction stacking to reduce transaction fees. The company publishes all transactions from Monday to Friday from 18:00 to 19:00.

In the context of rising inflation, nothing can be contained, it is time to look into alternative investment solutions and consider different savings goals. Whether it’s your personal savings or the savings of your cherubs, Bitcoin is an opportunity you’d be sorry to miss out on. Coin Savings is I’is the ideal tool to intelligently expose yourself to the future ultimate store of digital value.

January 3 is an important date for the king of cryptocurrencies. You’ll be glad you bought some tomorrow or sometime during crypto winter. Don’t wait any longer to prepare for the future, Sign up for Corner Savings and buy Bitcoin with confidence (commercial link).

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