A typical team from Day 14 of the Top 14

15- Leo Barre (French Stadium)

In a match where the three-quarters were not always very skilled, the young Parisian defender performed well, especially in the first period when his accurate kicking games allowed Stade Français to invade the Pau camp. He was also very confident under high balls and always knew how to position himself properly to cover the back of the field.

14- Louis Bielle-Biarrey (Bordeaux-Begles)

The author of a very good start to the season was finally rewarded by scoring twice against MHR. First, with the personal courage that allowed his team to get back on track. On the inside hook, he counter put Rattezi on the ass. It then accelerated to orbit between the poles (24th). He doubled the bet on the hour mark (58th) to knock out Montpellier. We’ve seen a lot of his red helmet…

13- Duncan Paia’aua (Toulon)

He will be one of the only Toulonnais swimming in the somewhat frivolous meet. The Samoan international got his team off to the perfect start by first scoring a try (10th) following a counter-killer, before offering himself a double (51st). But that wasn’t enough for RCT, who bowed out to Jean-Dauger.

12- Jonathan Danty (La Rochelle)

When he was on the field, he often radiated in the center of the field. Offensively, he made the difference with his ability to mobilize defenders, as in Teddy Thomas’ (36th) 2nd try, which he served on the plateau with a superb pass after contact. In defense, he expressed his physical intensity. The La Rochelle international was on the back of a red card for Acebes (40th) before going off injured late in the match.

11 – Ethan Dumortier (Lyon)

The young Lions winger is unstoppable. Proved by the 8th test of the season that he served at the end of the line, he did a 360 ° on himself to escape the fight and started to power to be straight despite the intervention of two Briviste (28th).

Ethan Dumortier scored his eighth try of the season against Brive. (A. Martin/Team)

10- Matthieu Jalibert (Bordeaux-Begles)

After a first period in which he kept his team on their feet thanks to the accuracy of his shot on goal, the Bordeaux goalkeeper pulled out all the stops in the second half, becoming the main architect of his team’s growing success. He delivered two eggs to the leg. First on a small pasture in Cordero (47th), then on a long diagonal in Bielle-Biarrey (58th). He finishes the game with 17 points and 7/8. We could also highlight Camil López’s great match against Bayonne (100% against Poles and a 45-meter drop)!

9- Paul Graou (Toulouse)

Austrian Paul Grau (25 years old), who will face Clermont in Marseille-Michelin at the end of this fourteenth day with the impeccable Antoine Dupont – he is descended from Alldritt, Dupont, Jelonch, Bourgarit – transformed Toulouse perfectly. the game. An excellent speedster, he even offered himself a great breakthrough in the Auvergne defense (51st).

8- Giovanni Habel-Kuffner (French Stadium)

In scintillating form for several weeks, he epitomizes the excellent dynamism of the Stade Français. Against Pau, the pink-haired third row center was in all the right moves, gaining plenty of meters in the center of midfield. He scored a stoppage try in the second half (47th) after a flawless kick from the stadium.

7- Sekou Macalou (French Stadium)

The Parisian third-line winger, who was less decisive against Racing 92 (10-48) at Christmas, still played a full game against Pau this Saturday (37-3). Lively and sharp, he created gaps in the Béarnaise defense and ensured continuity of play with good support runs. A new athlete performance.

International flanker Sekou Macalou was pursued by Sacha Zegueur of Béarnais.  (B. Paquot/Team)

International flanker Sekou Macalou was pursued by Sacha Zegueur of Béarnais. (B. Paquot/Team)

6- Hirèche (Brive) said

The Corrèze captain was exemplary throughout the match, even if he received a yellow card with 5 minutes to go, and it could have cost his people dearly. He scratched a lot of ground balls, especially at the height of Lyon’s push. He even found a quarter time center to help himself…

5- Denis Marchois (Bayonne)

At the center of the battle, the Bayonne captain showed the way of rebellion when his team was 13-0 down after 15 minutes of play. This second line of duty had a lot to overcome and struggled to break down, but he also took part in the contest. team’s attacks. He missed 4 minutes from the end of this match, he was completely “cooked” after giving so much.

4- Andres Zafra (Brive)

The Colombian second row epitomizes the fury and spirit of the Brive pack, who know how to outplay Lyon by dominating collisions and duels. It was he who opened the scoring with a powerful effort (11th) that would allow Brive to lead the entire race at Gerland…

3- Pascal Cotet (Bayonne)

Aviron’s right column took on fellow Wealthy Bruce Devaux before substitute international Dany Priso, who came on before half-time (33rd) and was booked 2 minutes after the 5th penalty. RCT in combat. Cotet was undoubtedly the strong man of the Bayonne gang.

Right column of Aviron Bayonnais Pascal Cotet against RCT in Jean-Dauger.  (R. Perrocheau/Team)

Right column of Aviron Bayonnais Pascal Cotet against RCT in Jean-Dauger. (R. Perrocheau/Team)

2- Facundo Bosch (Bayonne)

He is one of the leaders of his team, a leader of fight and refusal. In the scrum, the Puma Aviron pack has done a great job synonymous with its undisputed dominance. He also “sent” the defense like crazy and scored the try that allowed his nation to regain the lead (45th). So, although he missed a few shots, his score was high.

1- Quentin Walker (Castles)

Solid in the tackle, valuable in the game, international left-back Tarn (2 picks in 2021) distinguished himself with some relevant support during sharp attacking moves, but never forgetting dark tasks as a selflessly abandoned pack. It came out 5 minutes before the end.

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