Who is Anas? Fortnite pro wins $1,000,000 after winning Fortnite challenge from MrBeast

YouTube star Jimmy ‘MrBeast’s finished his highly anticipated Fortnite tournament today and professional Fortnite player Anas took home $1,000,000 in prize money. The European personality is currently on the active roster of Esports Guild Esports, which is co-owned by English professional player Henrick “Hen” and David Beckham.

Anas’ recent win on MrBeast has gone viral on Twitter. He claimed his time playing the game was “the longest two hours of his life” and announced his victory:

“MrBeast won the Championship ($1,000,000). »

Anas shares his thoughts on winning a million dollar tournament on MrBeast

The official Guild Esports YouTube channel shared a short clip showing a Fortnite expert sharing his experience after winning. MrBeast Competition Extreme Challenge. He revealed that he had been training all week and “preparing” for the special event, saying:

“Such crazy! Yes, I’m very heavy, I’m in pain all week, then I don’t know. I have never played. I’ve barely played in a league this week. I just played MrBeast Cup! Yes, just crushed and crushed. »

Gaming community reacts to Anas winning $1,000,000 in MrBeast’s Fortnite tournament

The 20-year-old’s victory celebrations went viral on the social media platform, with the reaction including comments from over 3,800 members of the gaming community. Several prominent Twitter users joined MrBeast in paying tribute to the player:

Team Liquid Fortnite player Seeyun commented:

game analyst Boop claimed that Fortnite pro is an “absolutely unbeatable game boss”:

Twitch star and Oni Studios founder Ali “SypherPK” expressed his views:

However, not all fan reaction was positive, with Twitter user @CryptoScoob6294 saying the win was “a bit unfair”:

@worker @worker I still think it’s a bit unfair for a pro player to win… I still beat 1% so I’m not the craziest, how about some cash spins where the pro players are banned?

Another user @kuttxo commented: “The rich are getting richer.”

@worker @worker Awesome…winning sweaty Fortnite pro…so embarrassing. As usual the rich get richer Mr. Beast is a joke ?

Esports personality and Full Squad Gaming co-owner Jake “JakeSucky” Anas has officially shared his MrBeast tournament stats. He said:

Fortnite Pro @worker I won a million dollars in MrBeast’s Fortnite challenge… Yes, he’s only 20 https://t.co/9yAD4huD0H

Some of the most relevant fan reactions to his chain reaction were along the lines of:

@worker @worker @worker @worker Personally pros and creatives should have been kicked out of the competition imo – lack of skills, equipment and communication plays a role. This guy has literally won like a $400,000 tournament in the past, but that’s a tough job no one can do. The GGs were fun.

Apart from being a professional gamer, Anas is also a popular Twitch streamer. He started his career as a live streamer on the Amazon-owned platform in 2020 and currently has 99,406 subscribers.

Dane has played and streamed two games on his channel, including Battle Royale developed by Epic Games for over 265 hours and Riot Games. 1.4 hours of courage.

His live show during MrBeast’s Extreme Challenge tournament on December 18th was one of his most successful. His channel reached a peak audience of 6,037 fans during a 38-minute broadcast and gained 1,700 followers.

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