which LG 2022 TV will choose for the end of the year

What if Christmas was the best time to change TVs? Boulanger is currently offering you up to €500 in savings on LG vintage 2022 TVs, including the excellent OLED G2 range.

LG OLED77G2 // Source: LG Electronics

For several years now, LG has gained an excellent reputation in the TV market, especially thanks to the quality of its OLED panels, which stand out for their higher-than-average brightness. TVs released this year like the LG 65G2 have received a lot of good press. Frandroid also gave it a very nice 9/10 during testing.

Right now and until next January 10, this TV and many other references released this year are offered at a discounted price at Boulanger via ODR. The opportunity to save up to 500 euros while equipping yourself with the best TVs on the market.

LG G2: bright and perfectly calibrated OLED panel

In 2021, LG made a very strong impression with its G1 TVs. This year’s release of the G2 series confirmed all the good things we thought about these screens. Here, the manufacturer offers brilliant OLED TVs with a luxurious image and packed with high-end features.

The highest quality of TVs in the G2 series is undoubtedly the calibration of the panel installed here by LG and its high brightness. At around 1000 cd/m2, we achieve one of the brightest OLED panels on the market. The result is a clear, dynamic image, with particularly well-refined blacks and colors with fidelity that’s hard to fault.

In addition, the processor installed here (Alpha 9 Gen 5 AI) works wonders in terms of image processing, especially with efficient scale control. Added to this is a fully connected experience thanks to ThinQ AI and webOS (SVoD apps, recommendations, voice assistant), as well as an advanced gaming section (4 HDMI 2.1 ports, VRR, Dolby Vision Gaming) for playing in 4K at 120Hz. low response time.

Source: LG

Currently, the LG G2 TVs offered by Boulanger benefit from ODR, which allows you to save several hundred euros. So, the LG OLED55G2 TV (55 inches) sells for 1690 euros after paying 200 euros.

The LG OLED65G2 (65-inch) is offered for €2,290 instead of €2,490 after a €200 ODR for its part.

LG QNED: Mini LED at its best

LCD TVs equipped with Mini LEDs at LG are grouped in the QNED range. Recall that this display technology is based on a backlight of smaller than average diodes, which allows for finer contrast control than ever before.

In this case, LG advertises more than 30,000 LEDs in its panels. It is enough to provide an excellent quality image in bright colors and deep blacks. The backlight also benefits from Dimming Pro, a technology that improves sharpness and reduces the halo effect commonly found in this type of panel.

Like the G2 series devices, LG’s QNED TVs benefit from advanced connected features thanks to ThinQ AI and webOS. They’re also perfect for gaming thanks to HDMI 2.1 ports and dedicated gaming modes.

QNED Mini LED range

For the year-end celebrations, LG and Boulanger invite you to discover QNED TVs at a discounted price thanks to an ODR of up to €300. So the 65QNED87 TV (65 inch) is sold for 1590 euros instead of the usual 1790 euros.

In turn, the 75QNED87 TV (75 inches) benefits from a €300 discount, bringing it down to €1,990 after ODR.

An equivalent discount is available for the 86QNED81 (86-inch) TV, bringing this 86-inch TV to €2,990.

What other LG TV deals are there?

In addition to promotions on LG G2 TVs and the entire QNED series, Boulanger invites you to discover valid offers for other models from the manufacturer’s catalog. The LG NANO76 model in its 86-inch version thus benefits from an ODR of €200, which brings its price down to €1,890 after payment.

LG OLED CS // Source: LG

The e-merchant finally offers you payment options on the entire range of LG CS TVs. Recall that these OLED TVs sit in the middle of the manufacturer’s C1 and C2 ranges and benefit from an already very affordable price position. If you shop for Christmas and before December 25th, know that you’ll be able to take advantage of three or four installments with 0% fixed APR. This offer is valid on 55, 65 and 77 inch models.

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