The disappearance of Agen entrepreneur Jean-Pierre Pechavin

He died on December 25, 2022 at the age of 82, 100% central to the history of Agenaise.

It was with great emotion that we learned of the disappearance of Jean-Pierre Pechavin on December 25, 2022 at the age of 82. He was the head of Agen for several decades, founded by his father Fernand and now run by his two sons, Frédéric and Dominique. The Péchavy Group, specializing in energy supply, celebrated its centenary in 2019. A long history, 100% Agenaise, with Jean-Pierre Pechavi taking center stage.

The Péchavy adventure began at the end of the 19th century in the heart of the Perigord forest. Louis Pechavy cuts wood there and already employs about 50 workers. In 1919, he moved his eldest son Fernand to rue Lafayette in Agen. On the 16th, the second will bring firewood from the family property with his donkey and cart. After a few years, Fernan’s business is so successful that she has to hire help. To meet the growing demand, he bought land at 30 rue Montaigne in Agen and started trading in coal. In the late 1940s, trucks replaced horses, and the business is still thriving.

He headed the company in 1970

In the 1960s, the Péchavy company delivered tons of coal every day. This is when Jean-Pierre (eldest son) returns to the family homestead. And like his grandfather
before he did, his father Fernand bought him his own truck and suggested he start distributing fuel oil.

Jean-Pierre Pechavy was born in April 1940 in Agen.
/ Péchavy family photo

After Fernand’s sudden death in January 1970, Jean-Pierre took over the helm of the company. The challenge is fulfilled. In 1985, Jean-Pierre Pechavy, stuck in the Agen building, chose to build a warehouse in the Passage-d’Agen. Coal activity is gradually fading
in favor of oil. By the mid-1990s, about two dozen companies were competing
fuel. Little by little, only four will remain, and Péchavy is definitely establishing itself as a major player in this sector.

A customer at heart

Péchavy, a dynamic company that retains its family spirit more than ever, is also the flagship of Age. “We are very proud of what my father built, explain these two late sons. He often worked hard seven days a week, and our mother benefited from Rolande’s support. He passed on to us his passion, as well as a certain idea. The customer. People trust us, the fuel tank they wait for us when it’s almost empty and when the cold weather comes. The customer is ultimately at the heart of our family business, and that’s what Jean-Pierre instilled in us.”

In 2004, Jean-Pierre Péchavy handed over control of the company (today around 70 employees serving 25,000 individual and professional clients) to his two sons. But he has always closely followed its development and strategic choices. “He saw the company flourish, Frédéric Péchavy adds, and noted that the culture, the family spirit, continued. And we always consulted him when big projects came up, such as diversifying into wood pellets in addition to oil products.”

Leading word

Péchavy is a brand and the words of its leaders are listened to: Frédéric Péchavy is today the president of the Lot-et-Garonne Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Dominique Pechavy is president of the Lot-et-Garonne carriers’ union and both are part of Sporting’s board of directors. Because clearly Jean-Pierre Pechavy was passionate about rugby in general and SUA in particular. Thus he always supported the Agenais standard.

So this is a page turned on December 25, 2022, but the history of the family business lives on and the Pechavy spirit remains. Family and friends of Jean-Pierre Pechavin will pay their last respects on Thursday, December 29, at 10:30 a.m. during a religious service celebrated at the Saint-Phébade church in Agen.

Our newspaper expresses its deep condolences to his wife Rolanda, the family and relatives of the deceased entrepreneur, a passionate and charming person.

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