Sadri Fegaier, French success story

In 2021, Indexia Group supported more than 8 million customers and generated 1.1 billion euros in business volume. Behind this success is a man named Sadri Fegaier, CEO of the Group. This entrepreneur, who is also a high-level rider, built his business on the sports values ​​close to his heart, such as team spirit, organization, respect, toughness, discipline and passion. Portrait.

Sadri Fegaier: entrepreneur and businessman

He was born in 1979 to the parents of Sadri Feghai, a Tunisian immigrantr spent his childhood in Drom. At just 20 years old, he already has a BTS Commercial in his pocket and is exploring the world of insurance. He didn’t have a penny in his pocket to open his first mobile phone store, but nothing stopped this autodidact who took out a bank loan to make his dream come true. Faced with the emergence of new technologies and new consumption modes, he invented the first multi-risk insurance concept in 1999, dedicated to telephony, multimedia and related facilities. He later rose through the ranks through innovation and perseverance.

Sadri Fegaier: as good at work as he is at horse

When the businessman is not at the meeting, he is on his horse. Sadri Fegaie for more than 10 yearsr to engage in horse riding, which became a passion for him. “High-level sports have taught me to push myself and give me toughness, discipline and concentration. There are many similarities between running a business and riding a horse: you have to carefully study the obstacles before you start, analyze the course with enthusiasm and clarity, build a relationship of trust with your partner so that he gets involved… This means knowing how to do it. listening to it, directing it to take you where you want to go. There are many similarities with management, and this approach is the source of our social policy within the group…” he explains.

In 2010, he founded the Haras des Grillons, a stable of around thirty horses for international show jumping competitions. It is here that it hosts an unmissable event in the international jumping calendar, the Jumping international de Valence. Every year, the world’s best riders meet in this way. He regularly competes in Grand Prix events around the world and represents France with his team, as in the prestigious Longines Global Champions Tour in Doha in 2020.

Indexia Groupe: Specialists in refurbished telephony and service design in the High Tech world

Operating in 7 countries (France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and the Czech Republic), the Indexia group is a specialist in the design and distribution of services in the world of high-tech, refurbished smartphones. It currently supports 8 million customers, has more than 3,000 employees in Europe (including 2,200 in France) and plans to increase its business volume to 1.26 billion euros in 2022.

Its shining success? He owes this to his experience in distribution networks, as well as his ability to adapt to changes in consumption patterns. Always sensitive and attentive to new innovations, the group expands its activities in France, as well as beyond its borders in Europe, at the same time branching out into new areas: repair and renewal of multimedia devices, internet creation service, loyalty programs, distribution of high-end information. tech products, rental service for tech and urban mobility devices, pick-up and buy-back programs, etc.

Among the main projects of the group, it is worth mentioning its strategic change in 2018, which allowed it to accept the Ardian investment fund in its capital. Indexia also became the second largest shareholder of the Fnac-Darty group.

Another significant event in the history of Indexia is the launch of its distribution network “Hubside.Store”, which brings together all the know-how of the group: the sale of new and refurbished smartphones and technological products by its own specialists, as well as additional services, which it has developed over the past two decades. did. This unique chain of stores stands out for its short-circuit-based model and French-made repairs: the refurbished appliances for sale come from used appliances collected in-store and repaired in its own workshop, located in Drôme in the Romans. -sur-Isère. Two years after its launch, the chain already has 120 outlets across France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Italy and plans to reach 500 outlets by the end of the year. The year 2024.

The committed and visionary Sadri Fegaier built a great French Technic group. With Hubside.Store, Indexia Group is more than ever a key player in new technologies in line with consumer expectations.

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