PS5: back in stock!

Good news PS5: back in stock!

The PS5 is finally in stock! It is finally possible to buy it! But make no mistake, it won’t last long! With the number of players claiming the latest from Sony, the stock will melt like snow in the sun!

PlayStation 5 is finally available and in stock!

Since the release of the latest Sony console, it has lost none of its charm, the proof is that even today it knows how to be desired. Between restocking and restocking, the PS5 is still generating a lot of hype, as evidenced by the rate at which stocks are melting. If you’re reading this article a few minutes after it’s published, kudos to you because you finally have a chance to get it.

Updated 23/12/2022: PS5 still available at Cdiscount, Fnac and E.Leclerc!

PS5 Bundles are available at Cdiscount

Buy PS5 at Fnac!

PS5 Bundles available at E.Leclerc

The PlayStation 5 is the console everyone is looking for right now. It has to be said that the PS5 is quite a symbol.

PS5, the 5th home console from Sony, gathers 5 generations of know-how and innovation that have brought PlayStation to where it is: one of the most popular consoles.

However, the other side of the coin is that it is almost impossible to find an edge to carelessness.

But there are simple ways to prepare for it. Don’t really expect to get a PS5 from the first shipment, other more prepared people will be able to get their hands on it earlier.

This involves first registering on all sites that are used to this practice. You can find a list below.

  • Check out PS5 Stock on Amazon
  • Check out PS5 stock at Fnac
  • Check out PS5 stock at Cdiscount
  • Check out PS5 stock at Micromania
  • Check out PS5 stock at Boulanger

We invite you to open an account on each of these sites and enter your shipping address and payment method.

By doing this, you will save valuable time while restoring the stock. Because, don’t dream, it’s all gone, not because you managed to put the console in your cart. You will be able to breathe only after the sale is confirmed, support email. And for this, you can save time by waiting and filling all the forms in advance.

PS5, why do so many people want it?

The PlayStation 5 has been on everyone’s lips and in everyone’s heart ever since it was officially announced. The highly anticipated PlayStation by all gamers pushes the limits of what Sony has seen up to that point.

The heir and successor to the PlayStation legacy, the PS5 is Sony’s 5th generation home console. As previously suggested, the PlayStation 5 is aimed primarily at gamers, unlike its rival from Microsoft.

PS5 is a gaming console and its configuration confirms it. With 4K capture at 120fps, Ray-Tracing technology and everything you need to enjoy the next generation, PlayStation 5 has plenty of appeal.

The PS5 is also a particularly extensive library of games that you can rely on for the PlayStation 4 to keep you going on your adventures. Because, like the PlayStation 2, the PS5 is backwards compatible with PS4 games.

Beyond that is the fact that immersion is the key word guiding Sony’s entire console conceptualization. This is primarily manifested in the transition to DualSense controllers, which succeeded the DualShock, which has accompanied the PlayStation since its inception.

This next generation controller can now provide many new sensations that make all the difference. With haptic feedback on the triggers, these controllers can let you feel the difference between shooting an archery, rolling in the sand, or even using a certain object.

And for all these reasons, the PlayStation 5 is so claimed and sought after!

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