Hong Kong Adventist University Announces New Nursing Program

December 26, 2022 | China | China Adventist Missions Union | CHUM SDA | ANN

Hong Kong Adventist University (HKAC) is proud to announce that a new nursing program, the Higher General Diploma Program in Nursing, was approved by the Hong Kong Nursing Council and the Hong Kong Academic and Professional Vocational Accreditation Council (HKCAAVQ) this September. year This two-year local licensed nursing program will admit 48 students each year. All academic courses will be conducted at the HKAC campus and all clinical placements will be conducted at two Adventist hospitals in Hong Kong.

As of October 2016, the college has been working on the accreditation of this nursing program for more than five years. Prior to this approval, we had applied twice for accreditation to the Hong Kong Nursing Council, but our requests were rejected. We are thrilled that our third application has been approved by both the Nursing Council and the HKCAAVQ.

This is part of Hong Kong Adventist University’s strategic plan to develop more locally accredited programs. Nursing and allied health have long been a value of Adventist education. Almost all Adventist universities around the world offer nursing programs. With the growing shortage of nurses in Hong Kong, it is clear that we need more nurses. We need more such programs to nurture them.

It has been 30 years since Hong Kong Adventist University and Hong Kong Adventist Hospital collaborated to offer a nursing program. We are making history here. With the right people on the team at the right time, the university was in a good position to offer a nursing program. The birth of the nursing department and the Higher General Diploma in Nursing program is the result of hard work and a great team effort.

When we recruited the first group of students for this new nursing program, we received about 250 applications. On average, we were able to select one out of five applicants. With such a demanding program, we are preparing to accept more students in the near future. In addition, a Registered Nurse (EN) to Registered Nurse (RN)/Bachelor of Medicine (BSN) program is planned so that our future nursing graduates can further their education as RN or BSN registered nurses. A master’s degree in nursing is also planned within the next five years.

It is estimated that the number of nursing students will increase from 50 in the first year to about 400 after five years. There are far more students who want to study nursing in Hong Kong than all the nursing schools can accept. We hope to build a new building for nursing and nursing to accommodate more students. This is a great opportunity for HKAC.

A new nursing and paramedic building has been proposed at the Clear Water Bay campus. The four-story building will be approximately 21,000 square feet and include two large lecture halls that can accommodate more than 100 students each, six classrooms with a capacity of 50 students each, four nursing skills labs, two science labs, two simulation labs, a library, faculty offices, a lecture hall and two counseling rooms. This building can comfortably accommodate more than 500 students majoring in nursing or midwifery.

Without the support of our religious institutions, trustees, board members, colleagues and friends, the establishment of the Department of Nursing would not have been possible. The nursing program would not exist without the dedication of our faculty, staff, and nursing students. We are fortunate that many young people have decided to pursue nursing studies at Hong Kong Adventist University. We are here to help them achieve their dreams and goals.

This nursing program is designed to prepare students to become professional nurses and care for individuals, families, and communities. Through the Higher General Diploma in Nursing program, we aim to prepare students to meet the core competencies specifically required for registered nurses and to ensure that students can perform their roles competently and ethically. in the mission of the university: “To develop students spiritually, physically and intellectually.” “We will work together to achieve this.

We’ve come a long way and I know many of you have been waiting for it for a long time. It’s no coincidence that we’re here to celebrate this new nursing program. Rather than a special event or a strategic plan, it marks a new beginning for the nursing department at Hong Kong Adventist University. The faculty is committed to providing quality education to students who will become competent nurses with high professional ethics in the future. I am grateful that we were able to witness this together.

We ask for your support and prayers for God’s blessings on this new nursing program. I am confident that this nursing program will produce competent nurses who will provide excellent healthcare services to the Hong Kong community.

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