Toulouse. Paul Sabatier University threatens to turn foreign minors out into the streets in the middle of winter

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The “Autonomy” collective, which brings together activists and unaccompanied foreign minors (unaccompanied minors), is preparing for a new battle. Evicted from the Ehpad des Tourelles, which had been occupied for two years, then from the camp set up on the Allées Jules Guesde, the collective is now threatened with eviction from building 4R3 on the campus of the Paul Sabatier University.

For more than a week, about 80 youths, thrown out by DDAEOMI (Department of Reception, Evaluation and Orientation of Unaccompanied Minors), who compete with their minorities on the grounds of racism, have occupied this empty building.

The pressure drops and lies to legitimize the eviction

On Wednesday, December 14, the youth undertook to inform the rector of the university, Jean-Marc Broteau, of their presence in order to ease the conditions of the occupation, which increased pressure to prepare an “expulsion”. . “He put pressure on us to scare us”An autonomy activist testifies.

First, the young men threatened to call the police if they did not leave the building that evening, requiring a court order to be legally evicted. Second, by abruptly closing the gymnasium, the only place to shower on campus, as Autonomie noted in a press release posted on its Facebook page. Finally, by sending fake emails to University students and staff. He hypocritically claims that “We are worried about people’s safety”Jean-Marc Broteau and the University noted “Trespassing and illegal occupation of the building” can’t “allowing entry to the building and occupation of the building”. in the question? Probable presence of radioactive sources and dilapidated electrical installation.

Regarding the presence of radioactive sources, an autonomy activist tells us that he had a security inspection by qualified personnel before occupying the building and found no serious hazards. The proximity of radioactive sources is also questioned by the CGT union of University employees in a letter sent to the Special Regional Committee for Health, Safety and Working Conditions of Regional Representations (CRHSCT). “The university has taken advantage of the risks present in the building, including electrical, nuclear and chemical risks. We are surprised by these allegations, given that the building is cleaned and risks must be eliminated in order for the cleaning company to perform its work in optimal safety conditions.”we can read this letter.

Everything indicates that Paul Sabatier University is using a lie to legitimize a potential expulsion procedure. So Jean-Marc Broteau and the University want to cover up their reputation by putting about 80 foreign minors on the street in the middle of winter… for their safety! A false rhetoric already used by the Municipality of Toulouse to expel young people from the Ehpad des Tourelles.

Support is arranged

In the said letter, the union adds: “CGT stands in solidarity with these young people and supports their installation in building 4R3 in the absence of a better solution. » The CGT is not alone in taking the side of the residents: just days before the school holidays, supporters organized themselves to help young people. Students, professors, staff of the University as well as student unions and staff have come forward to provide financial assistance and show solidarity over this dire situation. This is the inevitable result of the racist policies led by the Departmental Council through DDAEOMI, which puts dozens of young people on the streets every week without any housing solutions.

Rather than providing dignified welcome and care, the state prefers to allow a situation to fester that sees a succession of homelessness, occupation and eviction. The autonomy collective and associations that provide educational, legal and medical supervision of young people regularly condemn this policy. “We don’t expect anything from the City Council. There has been no progress for years. Our end is not normal with young people who stay cold and hungry.”A member of the TEC 31 association condemned Jennifer at a rally organized in front of the Department Council on Wednesday, December 14.

Against Darmanin and his world

More broadly, the situation of unaccompanied minors in Toulouse is part of the context of a racist and repressive attack led by Darmani. Macron’s uncomplicated use of far-right rhetoric links legalized aggression, crime and immigration. This is embodied in the Immigration Bill, which provides for the facilitation of expulsions to be announced by the OQTF (obligation to leave French territory) as soon as the asylum application is rejected, limiting the possible remedies if the application is rejected. strengthening the “double penalty” penal system for asylum or aliens. Added to this was the recently passed Lopmi law, which greatly strengthened the arsenal of repressive forces, and the “anti-squat” law, which further undermined the right to housing. Many measures will primarily affect the undocumented and most dangerous people.

In the face of this reactionary attack, we need to give our support to the autonomy collective (list of financial needs is on their Facebook page) and call our social camp to mobilize if Paul is to be evicted from the building. Sabatier University. More broadly, following last weekend’s Undocumented Migrant Solidarity and Collective March, we must demand the opening of deadly borders, the regularization of all undocumented migrants, and the demand for free housing. Also, “against Darman and his world” we must strongly oppose various racist and security laws, especially the future Immigration law.

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