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LG C3 OLED will be released in 2023 without any surprises. The first official announcements should be made at CES 2023, as is the case every year. The nomenclature of LG TVs still follows the same rules, which leaves no room for doubt about the names of the TVs in the LG 2023 series. Therefore, we have to find the new LG A3, B3, C3 and G3 series, the suffix ‘a’. a new model is possible, but we don’t have any information on that yet. The LG CS series should not be included as it is an exception.

Like the LG C1 from 2021 and the LG C2 from 2022, the LG C3 should be a reference among OLED TVs. So what will the C3’s proposed changes be? Should we expect major improvements in image rendering? Should I wait for C3 release or buy C2 today?

We mention all information about LG C3 OLED on this page. Rumors, first information provided by the manufacturer and also expected improvement points in the OLED market.


With the C2 series, LG introduced a new OLED Ex panel and a new OLED Evo technology package. As the LG 65C2 test shows, the result is a 20% improvement in brightness for the C2 and 30% for the G2. The LG C3 should use the same panel and therefore similar specs in terms of brightness.

As in previous years, the leak on the LG 2023 TV line comes from the Korean certification body, whose approval is mandatory for all electronic devices sold in South Korea.

The National Radio Research Institute measures and certifies radio wave emissions from electronic devices to prevent interference between different devices. Thus, LG C3 OLED and LG G3 were included in the list of tested devices with the references OLED65G3KNA and OLED65C3KNA.

We still know little about the improvements made by this new 2023 series. However, based on various statements from the manufacturer, presentations at conferences and rumors, here is what we can expect from the LG C3 OLED.

Expected improvements to the LG C3 OLED

Image rendering and brightness

LG Display recently announced that they are converting their OLED manufacturing plants to produce only OLED Ex panels, a new version used in the LG G2 and C2 series TVs.

One of the main advantages of OLED Ex is improved brightness. Today, only the LG G2 benefits from the “Brightness Booster” or brightness booster feature. It is essentially a heat sink integrated into the OLED panel, allowing for more intensive operation for higher light output. Most likely, this feature will be found in the C3. The LG C3 OLED can therefore offer similar brightness levels to the G2.

Better sound

The C2 series shines in many aspects, but not in terms of sound. The new LG C3 OLED series may bring improvements in this regard. At the K-Display 2022 exhibition, LG presented a 97-inch OLED model, one of the highlighted features was high-performance sound reproduction.

The press release calls this sound feature Film CSO, Cinematic Sound OLED. It’s an “in-screen 5.1 surround sound system” that uses film-based speakers rather than the membranes typically used in speakers.

This feature is comparable to Sony’s Acoustic Surface Audio technology found in the Sony A80K TV, which uses sound transducers built into the display panel.

It is possible that this technology will appear with the LG C3 OLED series, G3 or a new version with this integrated audio system. Many people already have a quality separate sound system, so this feature and its added cost may not be for everyone.

new dimensions

Today, the diagonals of the C2 series from LG vary between 42 and 83 inches, or rather between 42, 55, 65 and 77 inches. With its G2 series, LG released the very large and very expensive LG 97G2. It is possible that this 97-inch size will be launched together with the LG C3 in 2023.

On the other hand, there is also a struggle of more modest dimensions. The LG 42C2 is a great choice for a quality OLED PC monitor at a very competitive price. However, the 42-inch size is still too big for many. A new dimension that is easier to integrate on the table would be relevant.

A better PC monitor

This is more of a market expectation than the expected evolution of the LG C3 OLED. Today, OLED stands out as the best display solution on our TVs or smartphones. Nevertheless, this technology is still not very present in the world of computer screens. However, as the LG 42C2 test shows, it’s a great solution for getting the benefits of OLED, perfect blacks, HDR rendering and near-instant response times. Whether for gaming or watching movies, OLED is unanimous.

On the other hand, for office use, the fight is not yet won. With either Samsung’s QD-OLED panel or LG’s OLED panels, two issues hold back reception: features to reduce the sharpness of text and markings.

Features to reduce marking

The first issue is related to features to reduce the risk of taggingASBL Automatic Static Brightness Limiter or in LG DPT Temporal Peak Brightness Control. To avoid the risk of image retention (screen burn), LG and other manufacturers have implemented a function to reduce this risk. This function is actually “Temporal Peak Brightness Control” (TPC) by LG or ASBL (Automatic Static Brightness Limiter). This feature detects static content on the screen, temporarily reducing pixel brightness to avoid smearing problems. Like all OLED TVs, the LG C3 will integrate this feature.

Videos, movies, games, etc. content changes regularly when used as a TV for This feature is rarely activated.

On the other hand, if you are using the display with a desktop computer, working with static content may cause this feature to be enabled. The overall picture darkens after a few minutes. It can light up again when you change something. This means that when you use an OLED panel as a PC monitor, this phenomenon is noticeable in the most used areas (surfing, office automation, applications, etc.).

Other features, such as pixel shifting, also reduce the risk of being tagged with static content. They can also be annoying in office use. If LG wants to advance the use of OLED panels as monitors, the LG C3 could improve on this point.

Clarity of the text

A second challenge for use as a PC display is text clarity, especially in office automation. It’s not bad, but nowadays screens based on LCD panels (IPS, VA or TN) perform better. Whether it’s LG panels or Samsung’s QD-OLED, text clarity on an OLED panel is excellent. For those who spend time on their computer, this is an expected upgrade point.

So far, no announcements indicate that the LG G3 can improve on this point, but that’s part of market expectations.

We have to wait for the LG C3 OLED

The LG C2 remains an excellent TV and its price offers good value for money. The LG C3 OLED should be released at the end of the first quarter of 2023, but its price will be higher. You will have to wait a few months to see the interesting offers. The LG C2 has been available for many months and is available at a more attractive price.

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