Celebration: The Confucius Institute of Marien-Ngouabi University celebrates its 10th anniversary

The Confucius Institute at Marien-Ngouabi University, which was officially opened in 2013, has spared no effort to promote the Chinese language and culture in the Congo. Since then, more and more Congolese have shown interest in learning the language. As proof of this, the institute received more than a thousand registration applications for Chinese language courses in 2018 and for the first time since its establishment, said its local director Antoine Ngakosso.

Antoine Ngakosso noted that in order to increase its visibility, accessibility and performance, the Confucius Institute of Marien-Ngouabi University has carried out several activities in the last ten years, thereby contributing to its development. At the pedagogical and cultural levels, this institute annually conducts Chinese language courses up to level 5; all levels with six hours of lessons per week for a period of three months. In its ten years of existence, the Confucius Institute has registered nearly ten thousand people to study Chinese globally. Apart from the courses, since then it has been conducting international Chinese language tests called HSK and HSKK, and the average pass rate for these various tests is around 90%.

The Confucius Institute, in cooperation with the Chinese Embassy in the Congo, organizes pre-selection tests every year for the best Chinese language student and the best student to participate in the international language competition. « China Gate “. It also opened a branch in Pointe-Noire, Congo’s second largest city and economic lung, in January 2019. The project received technical and financial support from the Ministry of Pre-School, Primary, Secondary and Literacy Education, as well as China’s Hengsheng Transport and It was created thanks to Feng BO, the general manager of the logistics company.

The Confucius Institute has signed several partnership agreements for Chinese language teaching with both public and private institutions…. “The Confucius Institute of Marien-Ngouabi University serves as a window that allows us to get to know China and its traditions on the spot, and at the same time serves as a bridge that facilitates good communication and strengthens lasting friendship between the peoples of the Congo and China. »– concluded Antoine Ngakosso.

The anniversary symbolizes the strength of the relationship between China and the Congo

Speaking on this occasion, the minister of higher education and scientific research noted that the event is festive, and he is particularly interested in the name of this institute. Why is he called Confucius? Who is this prominent person? he asked. While trying to answer these questions, Delphine Edith Emmanuel was forced to visit Chinese history. It was then that he indulged in the pleasures of retirement. Confucius, K’ungFu-Tzu by his name, is the master, the master of wisdom, infinite wisdom whose only limit is knowledge! Confucius is the wisdom of China, the minister explained.

Confucius, he continued, is a philosopher, teacher, scientist, moralist, and the father of China’s educational system. It follows from his opinion, written by his students in interviews or analects, that learning is crucial for social development. He is convinced that people can improve and improve themselves infinitely to change their destiny. This is so“Learn, learn by experience” Professor Delphine Emmanuel said that it is the first Confucian axiom expressed in interviews. Confucius said he preserved it from his legendary wisdom: “Knowledge is the key to wisdom” ; “Silence is a friend who never betrays” ; “When a man is hungry, it is better to teach him to fish than to give him fish”.

Before adding: “Therefore, it can be argued that this anniversary symbolizes, on the one hand, the strength of the relationship between the Republic of Congo and the People’s Republic of China, which was established by the strategic partnership agreement and revived by their Excellencies, Presidents Denis Sasso N’ Gesso. and Xi Jinping. On the other hand , this anniversary marks the spread of Chinese culture and language in the Republic of Congo.

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