World Cup news: Blues meet supporters at Concorde!


La Concorde still vibrates with a tribute to the Blues

Although the Place de la Concorde slowly began to empty of thousands of Blues fans, some were already there by 4pm, with one supporter, Manu, testifying: “It’s a shame they didn’t come down, but it was nice.” No Blue spoke on the microphone, but Manu understands: “It’s a defeat, it’s normal. We were there to thank them. I like it that way…”


Crillon’s balcony has been emptied of its players

The Blues have left the Crillon terrace, with hundreds of supporters still gathered below, some still as enthusiastic as this young man on BFMTV’s microphone: “Yesterday there was sadness for defeat, tonight there is much pride. …”


Spontaneous clapping in honor of the blues

As all the Tricolors now occupy the Crillon terrace, cheers are heard in their honour. All Blues, phone in hand, is clearly affected by this attention. Olivier Giroud and Antoine Griezmann in turn greet the supporters with great gestures.


Mbappé, Deschamps, Dembele and others wave to the crowd

Crillon, Deschamps, Mbappe, Dembélé, Dembélé, Griezmann finally show themselves from the balcony and greet the crowd below, under the vivas and on the air of Marseille. Thousands of mouths chant “Kylian, Kylian, Kylian…”


Lloris: “It gives us comfort…”

As the supporters waited for the runners-up to show themselves, Lloris spoke briefly about LCI before going out onto the balcony of Crillo: “The most important thing is the recognition of these supporters. This consoles us a little, even as athletes we would like to win this gold medal. The best comfort we can have is the comfort of our loved ones. Despite everything that happened before the tournament, it is proud not to give up despite the dangers. We have to work for the next euro. »


The Blues bus arrives at the Concorde

The patience of thousands of supporters is finally being rewarded. The Blues bus has stopped behind the Crillon Hotel and the players will soon be arriving to greet the crowd from the balcony.


A crowd at the Concorde awaits the Blues

The crowd is compact at the Place de la Concorde, and the Blues will arrive on their bus in a few minutes. Adam de Monteplier, 34, chose to stay at the back: “It’s less pressure, we see better from here and when the players come there will be a rush, it can be dangerous… Long live France, this team has dreamed us and will continue to dream…”


Audience records for beIN

BeIN SPORTS provides information on historical attendance records for the France World Cup.

In total, 20.4 million viewers watched the matches and specials since the competition began. Les Bleus, co-broadcast with TF1, was a hit. Up to 1,123,000 during the Argentina-France final, 1,144,000 for the France-Morocco half and 1,112,000 for the England-France quarter.


Blues buses left Roissy airport

Escorted by motorbikes and police cars, two buses carrying the players and coaching staff have just left Roissy for Paris and the Place de la Concorde, about thirty kilometers away.


Supporters in the street lights!

All eyes are on the Crillon balcony where the Blues should be seen. Supporters sit on top of traffic lights and street lights. The atmosphere is relatively calm.

Sports badge/ Sandra Ruhaut


Blues got off the plane

After a long maneuver of the plane, the French, led by Hugo Lloris, set foot on the ground. They board a direct bus that will take them to Concorde Square.


Blues returned to French soil

Didier Deschamps and Hugo Lloris are the first to get off the plane, followed by Ousmane, Dembélé, Kylian Mbappé and all the Blues.


La Concorde fills

Place de la Concorde is full of people. The crowd continues to flow and filter near the Pont de la Concorde.


Crowded Concorde

In Paris, the Place de la Concorde is packed with Blues fans. Dozens of police vans block the entrance. The crowd is filtered and controlled near the Pont de la Concorde. Some waved tricolor flags and chanted Marseilles. Crowds continue to flow from Rue de Rivoli and Rue Royale, both of which are closed to traffic.


Blues landed

The plane of the French team landed at Roissy airport. The players will soon board a bus to reach Concorde Square.


Wembanyama’s high praise for Mbappe


How to get rid of the depression of the defeat of the blues in the final?


Götze, from executioner to supporter

In 2014, Mario Götze scored the winning goal in the World Cup final, disgusted Argentina’s Messi. Eight years later, the German celebrates the victory of Albiceleste and his genius against France.


About Papin Mbappe: “Today he is number 1 everywhere”


The race for the golden ball continues


Messi is very close to the new record


“Bayern” supports Koma

Kingsley Coman, who was the target of racist abuse after losing to France in the final, received support from his team Bayern Munich. “The Bavarian family is behind you, King. “Racism has no place either in sport or in our society,” the Bavarian team wrote on Twitter.


Great debuts from Upamecano, Rabiot and Kolo Muani


Misplaced doubt over Deschamps extension?


The refereeing decisions of the final were analyzed


Safety device for the Blues comeback

According to a press release from police headquarters, 1,940 police and gendarmes will be stationed near Place de la Concorde and around Roissy airport.

Blues will apparently be escorted on their travels to a “special reserve”.


International scholarship for Benzema

After his package for the 2022 World Cup and the Blues’ defeat in the final, Karim Benzema announced the end of his international career on Twitter: “I made efforts and mistakes to be where I am. Today and I’m proud of it!” I wrote my story and ours is done. »


An extraordinary World Cup recap

No alcohol, no subway traffic jams, no good-natured or over-the-top game atmosphere, and an obvious environmental aberration in the air conditioning of stadiums. Here are some powerful images from the 2022 World Cup.


When will we see Messi and Mbappe in PSG jersey?

The two monsters of the World Cup, Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi, were united in the same uniform. The Argentine and the French will enjoy ten days off before returning to the capital club. Their return date is yet to be determined.ALSO READ > Details of Mbappe and Messi’s return to PSG


Kylian Mbappe, media star

Mbappe chestnut tree. According to Tagadei’s research, the Parisian has been the most mentioned player in the French press since November 1. Combined, the World Cup top scorer’s name appeared 44,016 times in print media and audiovisual media. He is followed by Olivier Giroud with 24,603 quotes, followed by Antoine Griezmann with 24,106.

On the other hand, since 2010, more than 50,000 written press articles have discussed controversial topics, which is about a third of the media production related to the Qatar World Cup.


The third highest audience in stadiums

20.4 million viewers during the final on TF1 and 3.4 million viewers in stadiums throughout the World Cup. More than a million people would also visit the Emirates without going to the match.


The Blues’ plane took off

The French team left Qatar at 15:30 local time and should land at Roissy airport at 19:30 French time.


“Blues” have not left yet

The French team’s plane was supposed to leave Qatar at 12:30 p.m. French time, but is still on the tarmac at Doha airport. Therefore, the celebrations at the Place de la Concorde must also be postponed and will probably not start before 9 pm.

12:58 p.m

The Blues will present themselves from the balcony of the Hôtel de Crillon

As in 2006, the players of the French team will come to the balcony of the Hôtel de Crillon overlooking the Place de la Concorde to interact with the supporters. They should arrive around 8:30 p.m.

12:16 p.m

FFF approves rally at Place de la Concorde

The FFF confirms that there will indeed be a rally at the Place de la Concorde tonight at 20:30: “Les Bleus return to France today on flight AF 4001, departing Doha at around 14:30: 30:30 French time At Roissy CDG. They will then greet their audience at Place de la Concorde in Paris at around 20:30. »

12:00 p.m

Information from Paris

There will be a rally at the Place de la Concorde

According to our information, contrary to what Noël Le Graet announced on BFM TV, there will be a rally for the French team tonight at the Place de la Concorde. It is the will of the players on board the plane that will take them back to Paris.


Kylian Mbappe: “We will be back”

The World Cup top scorer, who scored a hat-trick in last night’s final, tweeted before the Blues left Doha.

10:46 a.m

Paris trembled, but Paris lost

Paris had an intense final of the Anthology World Cup in Qatar this Sunday. A report on the streets of the capital, which trembles for the blues.

10:16 a.m

The “pride” of the French, the insults of Aguero

Adil Rami, Blaise Matuidi, Franck Ribery… All former internationals sympathized with the Blues after they lost in the final. On the other hand, Argentina was on fire for Juan Martin Del Potro and an absolutely cracking Sergio Aguero… Find all the reactions from the sports stars here!


Tactical minute after Argentina-France match

Trailing 2-0 by the Argentines, the Blues stormed back with less than two minutes left to take the game into a new dimension. From 2-1 to a deadly penalty shoot-out for the French, things went wild.


Rio Ferdinand doubles Mbappe

Former Manchester United defender Kylian Mbappe was impressed with his hat-trick in the final: “You made me scream as a kid at this World Cup… that’s what your game can do for kids as well as adults. Adults. (…) You are not from this land. »


Reactions of the Blues after the final

We invite you to read or re-read what the players, staff and all the great fans had to say after the loss to Argentina:


24.08 million viewers, the best TV audience ever!

It was announced by TF1 this morning. The final match in which France lost to Argentina was watched by 24.08 million viewers (81% audience share). Even during the penalty shootout, 29.4 million peaks were recorded. A record in the history of French television!


Incredible second half of extra time

10 shots on target in the first 105 minutes, then 5 more in the last 15 minutes… including one by a certain Randal Kolo Muani. Very beautiful but very cruel.


International press review

Press review of the final. DR


Go to Place de la Concorde in Paris?

The Blues must come and thank their supporters after arriving on French soil at 18:00 French time. If you can’t make the parade on the Champs-Elysées, it should take place on the Place de la Concorde in Paris.


Hello to everybody !

A very difficult awakening… But we must recover slowly. France is the vice world champion and we will try to “celebrate” it together!

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