Top 5 Reactions to France Defeat After 2022 World Cup Final Goes Off Twitter

News JVTech Top 5 Reactions to France Defeat After 2022 World Cup Final Goes Off Twitter

The final of the 2022 World Cup has ignited Twitter. With an incredible scenario, this France-Argentina match shook the whole world. Elon Musk even announced that the record was broken during Mbappe’s second goal: 24,000 tweets per second! Faced with all this often hilarious content, we bring you a small homemade selection of the 5 best post-defeat tweets from the French football team. Let’s try to laugh a little after tears of sadness!

After losing the World Cup final to Argentina, we are taking revenge as best we can…

Because that’s how it is the magic of video games ! It is treated as a function cathartic The game is reserved for violent games. This is proof that sometimes you can get over your nerves in a sports simulation. Here they will recognize the interface of experts FIFA 17 !

We imagine that the person behind the photo set the lowest possible difficulty mode by being escorted for a very long time, then chained the shots in a barely secured cage. Put Argentina 329-3 on FIFA it’s a little revenge after a real-life loss, but it still feels good.

Vegedream: the running gag that’s bending Twitter in the final week of the 2022 World Cup

Vegedream’s potential song in the event of a French team victory was one of the biggest sources of hype for this World Cup. For those of you who haven’t watched the 3rd place below, Vegedream is the artist behind the hit ‘Bring the cup home’ which was released to celebrate the Blues winning the 2018 World Cup. Less than 450 million views on YouTube!

As the French team’s victory grew more and more, thousands of tweets moved the word “Vegedream” to Twitter Trends. Memes about the singer coming to the studio with a run made us laugh. Shock, it won’t be ‘Bring the Cup home 2’ according to Messi…

(On the other hand, Vegedream has indeed confirmed that it did produce the track and will release it in a beat-tuned version, always taken!)

Oh, arbitrage. When defeat is bitter, the brain always prefers to accept an apology: and what better excuse than a corrupt judge? According to Twitter, there was no penalty for Di Maria, another penalty would have been missed on Marcus Thuram, Argentina’s 3rd goal should not have counted… well, you get the picture.

It is almost obvious to see that Messi has finally lifted the king of trophies. This is the “meaning of history”. This scenario is so beautiful that many believe that FIFA has already chosen its winner before the pool matches have even started. Well, that remains to be proven. Meanwhile, he makes funny tweets.

Twitter is reacting strongly to the Mbappé / Macron interaction

Immediately after the horrendous final whistle and a rather disastrous penalty shootout by our Blues, the President of the Republic landed on the pitch (and then gave a speech in the players’ dressing room). For many people on Twitter, Emmanuel Macron’s attitude towards Kylian Mbappe sounded falseas if it was calculated for the cameras.

The goal king of the competition could not completely close his face after this bitter defeatHe looked at the president chained gestures of tenderness towards him. This obviously caused a lot of buzz. This tweet on the topic made us laugh!

Mr. V’s reaction to France’s defeat on Twitter

How to end the selection of the best tweets without referring to one of the funniest influencers in France? We finish in style with this beautiful backpack from national Yvick. As a reminder, Italy did not even qualify for this World Cup.

Bonus: Varane’s hips cost us the 2022 World Cup

Good to go, one last one for the road. Yes, Argentina’s last goal would have been offside if not for Raphaël Varane’s thigh. This also created a lot of talk.

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