Christmas 2022: the best accessories for gamers

It’s not just video games when you want to please a gamer. There are many accessories to make her happy. Here’s our pick for Christmas 2022.


For several years now, Xbox has offered alternative colors for its official wireless controllers. Among the latest releases, this special Lunar Shift edition makes a small impression with its excellent gradient and shiny silver-gold effect. It’s streamlined for comfort with a textured surface on the triggers on the back of the controller. For the most demanding gamers, Xbox also offers an Elite controller for €149. It’s expensive, yes, but it offers a lot of customizable settings that can help you tell the difference.

Lunar Shift controller, Xbox, €64.99

Virtual or real pleasure?


Released at the end of 2020, the Meta Quest 2 VR headset has proven itself. With a resolution of 1832×1920 pixels per eye, there is comfort and performance. It is convenient for gaming, it offers many experiences in very different styles, for example, Marvel’s Iron Man or The Climb 2. A little extra: until the end of the month, Resident Evil 4 games and Beat Saber are free. purchase of headphones.

VR Quest 2 Headset, Meta, from €449.99


Many PC gamers love keyboards that put on a show. For them, the new Vulcan II Max from Roccat will be an excellent choice. It combines performance, speed and durability with its premium design. With the new transparent wrist rest, the light effects are very impressive.

Vulcan II Max Keyboard, Roccat, €229.99



To be the beast of fighting games, Daija Arcade Stick is a giant fighting machine. The model, developed in collaboration with Professor Marie-Laure “Kayane” Norindr, does not skimp on quality. Durability, button placement and hand space have been given special attention. True, the price (279.90 € for the PS5 model) and the weight (3.5 kg) are also strong. But the customization options make it a must for all fighting enthusiasts.

Daija Arcade bar, Nacon, €279.90

Charge it up!


Never have a nasty surprise with the Turtle Beach Fuel headphone stand and charging station. It allows you to charge two Xbox wireless controllers (One or Series) continuously, and it also offers a practical place to store the headset when you never know where to put it. Two sets of rechargeable batteries are included, providing more than 22 hours of power, freeing you from the hassle of batteries.

Dual Charger charging station, Turtle Beach, €34.99

full immersion


While Sony proudly showcases the PlayStation 5 among gamers, the Japanese brand is launching its Inzone series in France this year, which is entirely dedicated to gaming, including the superb display Inzone M9. A top-of-the-range model that benefits from Sony’s know-how in terms of TVs. The manufacturer pays all attention to the details of the image here, especially by enhancing contrasts and betting on a refresh rate of 144 Hz in 4K for a beautiful 27-inch surface. Note: the brand also releases the more affordable M3 model. It’s simply Full HD (1080p), but equipped with a 244 Hz refresh rate, which is very fast and therefore ideal for fighting games.

Inzone M9 gaming monitor, Sony, €1,099

modern retrogaming


Launching on December 15th, the Evercade EXP is a Christmas console for retrogamers. British company Blaze Entertainment ups the ante here by offering nothing less than a machine designed to play arcade games and consoles from the 1980s and 1990s. Featuring a beautiful 4.3-inch IPS HD screen, the console comes with 18 Capcom games (Street Fighter II, Megaman 2…) included with the console, as well as 6 game cartridges from Japanese publisher Irem (including R). -Species and Hunting). The machine can also accommodate the entire collection of Evercade cartridges, which have already compiled over a hundred games. Great product at an attractive price.

Evercade EXP, Blaze Entertainment/Just For Games, €149.99

if the gameboy isn’t mine


Since its launch in Japan in 1989, the legendary Nintendo Game Boy has held a special place in the hearts of gamers. This richly illustrated book revisits the pocket console’s rich history by letting you rediscover the iconic covers of 350 games. Some of the world’s most renowned collectors were contacted to achieve this stunning result, and the result is second to none.

“Gameboy in 350 games”, ed. Third, €39.90

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