5 cult video game licenses we want to see on PC!

There are many games that make players dream, with gameplay that is praised by the press or the community. However, even though PC gamers have more and more access to day one updates, there are still many titles out of reach for this gaming platform. Some can be played on an emulator, but the gaming experience is not authentic, and the skills required to install them properly are not available to anyone on our machines. not necessarily. And even then, actually having the game on PC always means a content update or an impressive decoration of the game, which can be seen in many remakes (Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Resident Evil 3 Remake, etc.). So, for obvious reasons, many games are expected on PC for all gamers to enjoy some sort of revival.

There are many games that deserve a port on PC, but in this article we will focus on only 5 of them. This is a personal choice for me, so feel free to comment on games you’d like to see on PC!


Who doesn’t dream of playing or replaying all Pokemon on PC? Hunting small monsters with a keyboard/mouse can be a very interesting and above all enjoyable experience. There’s no reason to say it’s impossible because Pokémon’s gameplay is relatively simple and doesn’t use game mechanics that require a console. Furthermore, Nintendo wants to keep its players on its gaming platforms (Wii, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo DS, Game Boy, etc.) and is reluctant to share its licenses with Microsoft. Which is a shame; because whether or not there is a graphical overhaul or any embellishment of the first generations, players will be very happy to see Pokemon officially come to PC.

I see you coming, you will tell me that this is already possible with many emulators, but this is not the official version. There is a big debate on this topic “is it good or bad to play on an emulator?”. It’s about ethics here, because often emulators are pirated versions of games, so it’s not really legal. But if it’s a matter of program abandonment, that’s an entirely different question that’s still debatable. Nowadays, the original Yellow, Gold or Silver versions are hard to find at a reasonable price, and this is due to their rarity.

Even if the games are reasonably priced, it’s still annoying to have to buy all the consoles to work on each generation: Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advanced, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch. Those without an acute collection needn’t bother with so many consoles. That’s why older generations can be found on PC very easily and at ridiculous prices, but illegally. However, nothing stands in the way of a port on PC or even Nintendo Switch that could allow people young and old to (re)discover the beginning of what Pokémon is all about. But this is a dream that will never come true.

Indeed, Nintendo may never step in, and gamers may become some kind of addition to this portable version of consoles that have been Nintendo’s trademark for years now.

Demon’s Souls (2020)


Although gamers have all sold or thrown away their PlayStation 3s, there was a remake of the title Demon’s Souls. Divine for the nostalgic and those who want to know the forerunner of the Souls genre. However, it was not he who brought popularity to this genre, it was actually Dark Souls. When comparing Demon’s Souls (PS3) to other Souls, there are many issues; the bosses are relatively simple, the mechanics are classic, and the story of the latter is less developed than its younger brothers. It goes without saying that quality of life is of little importance to developers these days, so the frustration was maximum. However, it remains a classic, a title that will open the doors to an increasingly democratized genre, especially thanks to Elden Ring. Despite its problems, it had to start somewhere, and as Dark Souls came out and became iconic, the reviews paid attention.

In 2020, Demon’s Souls has a remake that brings many innovations that veterans of the genre have been dreaming of: new weapons and armor, new rings, grains, enlarged visuals, adjustments to the battle system, a new soundtrack, and more. . Except that this new version of Demon’s Souls is exclusive to PlayStation 5… FromSoftware seems to like pissing off PC gamers! While everyone’s dream is to see a PC version of Souls, consoles are once again the stars. This remake allows native resolution in 4K at 30 FPS or better, dynamic resolution in 4K at 60 FPS… a fantasy for gamers without a PlayStation 5.

For all Souls fans, the arrival of Demon’s Souls on PC would actually be a victory, but the war won’t necessarily be won, as the title from FromSoftware is long overdue on PC. And this expectation brings tears of blood.



A little while ago I talked to you about blood, and this is not accidental, because one of my dreams would be to see. Bloody comes to the computer for many reasons. From a purely personal point of view, I would like our fighter’s actions to be less harsh. This is a highly debatable point, as the gameplay is already great, but it’s a matter of taste, I’d say. But there’s one thing everyone can agree on: a schedule overhaul. After seeing the Demon’s Souls remake, of course there was hope again! After seeing Ancestor get a little nicer, we want to see Bloodborne get the same preferential treatment.

For me, I would like this remake to be available on PC as well, since PlayStation 5 consoles are still hard to find. The component shortage is still there and I’m not going to get my console tomorrow. This remake of Bloodborne could also signal the arrival of a DLC with new bosses to defeat, new areas to explore and a new side of the story to explore. The possibilities are huge, and Bloodborne is one of those Souls that is of particular interest to players.

So, it would be interesting to see Bloodborne come to PC, but in a scaled-up version, so that FromSoftware neophytes can discover what the true difficulty of Souls is and the majesty of its foul and bloody universe.

Zelda Breath of the Wild


One of the biggest pain points for PC gamers is the lack of Zelda Breath of the Wild on this platform. Of course, like Pokemon, the game is also available on emulators. But if you don’t have an original copy of the game, knowing that it’s a really illegal experience, anyway, only your conscience can choose to play it. So for all the people who don’t. Nintendo Switch has Breath of Zelda, and for those who don’t necessarily have a knack for computer hacking, this game is very deserving of a port on PC.

Its success is such that many people have undoubtedly bought a Wii U (at the time) or a Nintendo Switch to try their hand at this open-world nugget. The opportunities are vast and the points of interest to be discovered are relevant. With the game’s graphical quality, any PC can run Zelda Breath of the Wild well, and the success will surely be historic on PC.

However, we’ve seen this for Pokémon: Nintendo wants to maintain a monopoly on portable consoles and doesn’t seem ready to share its big licenses with Microsoft just yet. So we’ll probably never see a PC port for this opus, but there’s always hope.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart


If there’s a showcase game worthy of a PC port for the PlayStation 5, my picks are Demon’s Soul and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. The technique is such that the quality of animation and the choice of colorimetry are good, so we have our own glowing eyes. The wide arsenal of weapons available to the player is a trademark of the Ratchet & Clank license, and you’ll have something for everyone. Indeed, there are more than twenty weapons available in the game, all of which have their own gameplay that can satisfy all players. The game is generous and offers breathtaking achievements.

With a great PC, players will be able to take advantage of unloaded times by switching to temporary gaps and optimized cutscenes, allowing the player to never have to deal with idle waiting time. So it would be interesting to see this showcase game appear on PC one day to share this experience with others.

To close this article, know that these wishes are only dreams, as there is little chance of these titles appearing on PC. However, we are never safe from a pleasant surprise this year 2023, and who knows, the long-awaited games will finally come to PC for the greatest pleasure of a wide category of gamers.


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