10 games to try on Xbox Game Pass

Not sure what games to buy for Xbox Series X/S? The solution is simple: try Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass is a CA$11.99 monthly subscription that lets you play hundreds of games on your console. There’s also PC Game Pass for PC gamers and Game Pass Ultimate for PC and Xbox console owners. No matter which package you choose, your first month will cost an exceptional $1.

The Xbox Game Pass catalog is not permanent. This means that new games are added (and removed, to smell), allows you to try something new.

We’ve taken a look at the Xbox Game Pass offer for December, and we’ve got 10 games for you to explore this month. We have something for everyone!

High in Life

co-creator Rick and Morty Justin Roiland suggests the game High in life, released in December. Humanity is threatened by an alien cartel intent on using it as a drug. In addition to saving the world, you will have to use talking weapons and defeat Garmantuous and his group.

Rainbow Billy: Curse of Leviathan

This title from Quebec studio ManaVoid Entertainment is a wholesome, non-violent 2.5D puzzle-platform adventure game with role-playing elements where you have to rescue fantastical creatures by restoring your world to its original colors. ‘in the old days.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

LEGO games are especially good around the holidays because they love movies so much. Play all nine movies of the Skywalker saga in one game like no other. With over 300 playable characters, over 100 vehicles and 23 planets to explore, the galaxies far, far away have never been so much fun.

A Tale of the Plague: Requiem

This is the continuation of the game A Tale of the Plague: Innocence it was well received by critics and players alike. Released in October 2022, the game even won a Game of the Year nomination at the prestigious Game Awards. It is an action-adventure and survival game with horror elements.

Like Dusk Falls

On console, this game is exclusive to Xbox. Explore the intertwined lives of two families over thirty years in this interactive drama. Starting with a heist in 1998, the life of the heroes depends on your choices. Read our columnist Maxim’s impressions here!


Oh, yes! The 1998 classic is playable via Xbox Game Pass. Follow Banjo and his stubborn bird on Nintendo 64 in a quirky retro adventure that’s very memorable. Note that the trailer above is from the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service, where you can also enjoy the Game.


This great indie game deserves to be played at least once in a lifetime. It’s a dark, narrative platformer that combines thrilling action with challenging puzzles. It has garnered critical acclaim for its gloomy aesthetic, ambient soundtrack, and chilling atmosphere.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

Don’t miss this great game developed by Quebec studio Tribute Games. TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphaël come together in a beat’em-up without laces. An exceptional achievement that pays tribute to the classic games stamped TMNT.

vampire survivors

The game vampire survivors With over 160,000 reviews posted on Steam, mostly positive, it’s the game everyone’s talking about right now. You can try it on Xbox Game Pass!

vampire survivors your choices is a gothic horror game with roguelike elements that allow you to fight against hordes of monsters attacking you from all sides.

PowerWash Simulator

Allow me to explain why you are offered such a strange game. With Xbox Game Pass, you don’t pay for individual games; is a monthly subscription. So, this is the perfect opportunity to try out some weird games that pique your interest! Who knows? You might be a fan of simulation games!

he is great PowerWash Simulatorthis is a very relaxing game.

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