World Cup 2022: France’s lucky star has dropped it

On December 18 (3-3 ap, 4-2 pen) after the legendary final between two football “stars”, “disappointed prince” Kylian Mbappe, the dreams of the third star of the French team were shattered due to the anger of Argentina. and the “magician” Lionel Messi finally won the World Cup crown.

“Comet” Kylian Mbappe and “star” Lionel Messi fought breathlessly for more than 120 minutes, until the penalty shootout, under the dizzying stands of the “Lusail” stadium, which is a symbol of Qatar’s excess. The final of the World Cup between France and Argentina will go down in World Cup history. A hat-trick for the Frenchman (80′ sp, 81′, 118′ sp), a “double” for the Argentine (22′ sp, 109′) and a great atmosphere by tens of thousands of players until the end excited Albiceleste fans… Why this final winner and should have given birth to a loser?

It is absurd that Messi’s, who could not hide his tears after the meeting under the fireworks of Lusail this evening on December 18, will remain forever. With this maiden world title, Argentina’s third after 1978 and 1986, “Pulga” currently heads the Albiceleste legends table alongside Diego Maradona. A glorious twilight for a football artist 36 years after Dios’ coronation.

Mbappe, hat-trick and disappointment

There was a need to lose in the upper echelons of football. Kylian Mbappé is perhaps the most unlikely, as you don’t usually get a ‘treble’ to finish second on the podium at a World Cup final.

Again, this is the scenario that history holds for “Kyky”, the edition’s top scorer (eight points), equal to Pele’s twelve World Cup goals, but missing out on an incredible “double 2018-2022” not seen since Brazil. 1962. The mine was closed, he bought “Golden shoes” under public commotion…

Number 10 has nothing to be ashamed of. He struck on goal after lighting up the blues with two penalties (80′, 118′) and a sumptuous half-volley (81′) to get an unrecognizable and listless team back into the game. By blowing out his 24 candles on Tuesday, the Paris SG striker will know what separates him from football legends: nothing, or almost. He will tell himself that he will be only 27 years old in 2026…

Because in the penalty shootout, of course, fortunes changed, and that’s when the smart Albiceleste keeper Emiliano Martinez played his role brilliantly, stopping Kingsley Coma’s shot and seeing Aurelien Tchouaméni scamper off the frame.

Didier Deschamps and his title holders have weathered all the storms after an autumn marked by injuries to important players (Karim Benzema, Paul Pogba, N’Golo Kante, Presnel Kimpembe…).

The final shock was too much after the end of the tournament, contaminated by exhaustion and a mysterious virus, which left several “administrators” still in limbo. But can millions of French in front of their televisions blame this fighting and resilient French team?

Young people have tried everything

The trainer, who will have to decide if he wants to rejoin a new mission (the answer is up to him), missed the last step, but he knew how to build a group that no one else could have imagined.

He tried to find the parade until the end: his tactical choices from 41′ almost proved him right. By replacing Olivier Giroud and Ousmane Dembélé with Randal Kolo Moani and Marcus Thuram, “DD” deprived the Blues’ top scorer (36) of his last moments in tricolor, but he has breathed new life into this French team and reminded him. he just said he shouldn’t trust his captains. “Kolo” and “Tikus” brought the rebellion to a deafening end of the match… They also end with the sadness of the losers.

With this new generation, with all the old ones (Hugo Lloris, Giroud, Benzema) still on the road, the foundations for the future are being laid, even if it remains to be seen in March.

In the four years from Moscow to Doha, the Blues experienced the greatest joy and the greatest disappointment. But to know the emotion of the winner and the loser, you have to experience the final. France has experienced four of the last seven editions… And already wishes for a fifth.

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