What tools and procedures for members?

Availability of institutional partners, ability to deliver the right messages

The Convenctour just ended on the MSC Seaside in Cediv Martinique. In addition to the perfect organization and the festive and very special atmosphere that reigned there, President Adriana Minchella insisted on highlighting the tools, systems and procedures reserved for members during the Seminars.

A shift at Adriana Minchella, the whole team mobilized for the Convention and the rest of the year (©JDL)
A shift at Adriana Minchella, the whole team mobilized for the Convention and the rest of the year (©JDL)

A shift at Adriana Minchella, the whole team mobilized for the Convention and the rest of the year (©JDL)

Whether it’s motivating staff, reminding them of legal obligations, resolving disputes or alerting them to management control, CPR and financial assurance, the Network’s interest is in finding answers, tools and alerts that prevent member absenteeism.

Valerie Boned from Entreprises du Voyage, of which the Cediv network is an integral part, said, “ Involve even the smallest companies in the Corporate Social Responsibility adventure “.

In today’s environment, where the attractiveness of tourism companies is strengthened, especially to the younger generation, the approach is imperative.

EDVs succeeded Mobilize funds from Opco MobilitésInitiate an action plan for the benefit of travel agencies, on which the travel sector depends for continuous education.

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Next year, up to 30 companies in each major region will be able to benefit from this CSR support and develop their ” employer brand “. This experimental program, which will be rolled out in every region by 2023, could be funded by Opco.

Three measures to improve wages without social payments

Camille Ruiz, labor lawyer (©JDL)
Camille Ruiz, labor lawyer (©JDL)

Camille Ruiz, labor lawyer (©JDL)

The attractiveness of the sector and the motivation of workers naturally come from improving wages, which remain a strong demand from workers (even if we consider that this alone is not satisfied).

So the labor lawyer Camille Ruiz came to give some information to the members of Cediv who can benefit from this, like all other companies in the sector.

In particular, he stated that there are several formulas for improving employee wages without incurring additional employer costs. Three measures should be taken to increase attractiveness.

1) Value Sharing Bonus up to €3,000 (or even €6,000 under certain conditions) to its employees.

It has the advantage of being awarded according to criteria to be determined and modulated by the business manager to differentiate the specific commitment of certain employees. A note was written by EDV on the subject.

Profit sharing and corporate tax deductible participation

Valérie Boned, EDV (©JDL)
Valérie Boned, EDV (©JDL)

Valérie Boned, EDV (©JDL)

2) Encouragement it is the second device that has the advantage of being available to the manager who can insert himself into the profit. Incentives can be adjusted according to the defined goals to be achieved.

Its allocation is also flexible for companies with less than 11 employees, based on the employer’s unilateral incorporation decision. When the incentive is linked to the company’s savings plan, the beneficial taxation is associated with it.

3) A third device, more restrictive, is profit sharing which meets the stricter definition developed by Urssaf, who applies a mathematical calculation formula to the results announced by the company. Absence of result is exempted from participation fee.

The two systems of profit sharing and participation complement each other with the common feature of income tax deduction.

In some cases, contracts are necessary for larger companies, but Valerie Boned reminds us that VDUs are involved in affiliate negotiations. should make it possible turnkey package » Easy to implement for members.

Branch negotiations also include a minimum wage grid and a telework framework agreement. Although it is officially considered a training moment with staffing costs paid by Opco Mobilités, special work has also been carried out by EDV in relation to educational tours.

Don’t let the ever-changing legal environment discourage you

Emmanuelle Llop, Equinoxe Lawyers (©JDL)
Emmanuelle Llop, Equinoxe Lawyers (©JDL)

Emmanuelle Llop, Equinoxe Lawyers (©JDL)

Understanding the legal and regulatory dimensions is often difficult for agency managers who want to devote themselves more to their clients and sales. Emmanuelle LlopHere comes Équinoxe Avocats to remind them of some truths to think about

The reform of the 2015 European directive on package sales is still under threat, limiting or even eliminating deposits paid by customers before departure.

This decision will no longer pay for all the work done by the travel agent before departure.

“A wise man solves problems, a wise man avoids them”

Emmanuelle Llop, Khalid El Vardi, Tourism Mediation, Tatiana Benkarun, APST (©JDL)
Emmanuelle Llop, Khalid El Vardi, Tourism Mediation, Tatiana Benkarun, APST (©JDL)

Emmanuelle Llop, Khalid El Vardi, Tourism Mediation, Tatiana Benkarun, APST (©JDL)

European legislators, and sometimes more so the French, tend to overprotect the consumer However, Emmanuelle Llop cautions that the deadline is not very close given the procedures for studying the proposals and transposing them into national legislation. It does not waive the search for any violation of the freedom of trade related to the agreement.

In terms of caveats, the lawyer insists on the importance of the contract and the well-drafting of certain clauses with customers, both in relation to suppliers (CGV) and in terms of prior information, formal assessment, legal obligations.

As he reminds us, when a smart man solves problems, a wise man avoids them. The legal mark of the Cediv portal is there to emphasize this wisdom.

If the travel agent is fully responsible, he can turn this limitation into a strength, because this is what differentiates him from just buying a flight online.

APST has been put in a house rule that will become increasingly demanding

Tatyana Benkarun, APST (©JDL)
Tatyana Benkarun, APST (©JDL)

Tatyana Benkarun, APST (©JDL)

After major setbacks, the financial failure of the Tourism Solidarity Professional Association cost him his life. Today, under the leadership of Mumtaz Thackeray as president, Laurent Abitbol as vice president and a strengthened team, the restoration of order continues successfully.

As banks withdraw from the Financial Guarantee and large insurance companies from the CPR, the role of the APST is increasingly important.

APST takes on both systems and increasingly sees the arrival of new actors, ex-employees who know the world of tourism and start their own businesses, and young entrepreneurs who invent new concepts around well-being and fitness.

For all this, APST has established a tutoring system together with the Association of Tourism Veterans.

Tatyana Benkarun, head of APST’s financial analysis department for its 3,500 members, warns of an increase in demand for the solidarity organization. A history of not encountering unpleasant surprises.

Enhanced monitoring and requirements in case of the slightest suspicion

The Risk Committee takes a close look at the 180 members representing the largest financial volume. They are scrutinized for even the smallest vulnerability that would have a significant financial impact.

Minors are not immune to these increased demands. Tatyana Benkarun is persistent in forecasting and monitoring cash flow throughout the year. He regrets that many business leaders are satisfied with evaluating current sales and do not have a medium and long-term perspective.

APST has provided free training for managers who are still concerned about these concepts. At the slightest doubt, the APST will challenge the business manager to bridge the gap between reality and forecasted workload estimates.

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