Didier Deschamps, head coach of the French team, 2nd in the World Cup: “We are close to something”

How do you analyze this final?

There was no play for 60 big minutes. Despite everything, we came back from nowhere by reversing the compromised state. This is the most unfortunate thing. The scenario is football. We have a World Cup ball at the last moment (Kolo Muani’s holiday, editor’s note) and it doesn’t laugh at us. There is no remorse in penalties. Congratulations to Argentina, who put in quality, aggressiveness and a bit of guile as we expected. There are a lot of emotions, so the ending is brutal. We brush against something we can touch. There were several reasons why we were less successful in this match. The opponent, first, and us, with less energy for a few important players. Despite everything, we did what was necessary to give ourselves the right to dream, with the entry of young players with little experience, but very fresh, but the dream did not come true.

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“There hasn’t been a match for an hour”

Did some players have physiological or physical problems related to the virus of the last days?

It is the entire group that suffers from a condition for a short period of time. We managed it as well as we could. Does it have an effect, I have no answer. I did not have the slightest concern about the players who started the match. The rest day was also a little. These are elements, not excuses. We didn’t have the dynamism we used to have, so it wasn’t an hour match.

Why did you make the changes so early?

I wanted it to be different. We lacked freshness. We shouldn’t blame Olivier (Giroud) and Ousmane (Dembélé) who did a lot to get us there. But today I saw them less bad. I didn’t even wait for the break because we weren’t going to get there. We have to shake the coconut tree and reverse the trend. We didn’t have all the athletic ability and it happened against a team playing in the World Cup final, and we didn’t feel it.

Argentina v France World Cup final highlights: Mbappe and Messi, the stars of the match

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What did you think of the refereeing?

I will be careful what I say. It was what it was, it could have been worse, it could have been better. Yes, there are decisions that can be debated. I said before this game that Argentina is not unhappy. I won’t say the opposite after the match. But above all, I don’t want to take away their dignity and titles.

“I’m not worried about the future”

What do you think of Kylian Mbappe’s World Cup?

This is the world record championship. I would like it to be like this until the end. Kylian made his mark in this final, but not quite the one he wanted, so like all players he was sad in the end.

Argentina crowned after penalties and crazy match, superstars Messi and Mbappe … What to remember from the World Cup final

How do you see the future of the French national team?

Young people have proved that they can be at their level. Others are not there and may be in the near future. There is always a need for managers to supervise the youngest, but quality breeding grounds are crucial. There are always choices to be made, then a group to form, a quality to possess, a state of mind. I’m not worried about the future, I wasn’t worried before.

What will be the future of Desham?
At the end of his contract after the World Cup, the coach decided to postpone the question of his future until 2023, he announced without further ado on Sunday.
“I will have a meeting with my president (of the Noel Le Graet Federation) at the beginning of the year, then you will know. (…) Even if the result was the other way around, I wouldn’t have answered you,” assured the coach, who has been in office since the summer of 2012.


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