Twitter files, continued: censorship at all levels

Posted on December 13, 2022


with the publication Twitter Files As we mentioned in a previous post, we demonstrated the collusion of both State, BigTech, and the State with the traditional press, as Twitter’s silence on the revelations was complete.

This first broadside of disclosures thus showed all of Twitter’s behind-the-scenes maneuvers to suppress certain information that was highly unfavorable to Joe Biden in his presidential campaign. The rest of these statements – we can go to the topic of Bari Weiss below – allow us to determine that the facts revealed in the first documents were not accidental, but part of the real “house politics” of the high-ranking officials of Twitter. To openly push a political agenda that is clearly extremely favorable to progressives and even collectivists of all stripes and diametrically unfavorable to American Republicans in particular and conservatives in general.

Through the elements presented by Bari Weiss, we discover that Twitter employees working with integrity have direct access to a number of tools designed to spy on account activity and minimize the impact and visibility of certain messages deemed to be politically biased. Leaders of the American social network.

since shadow ban (called View Filtering on Twitter) – a technique that allows a user to continue publishing information, but completely or almost hides its dissemination – to algorithmic methods aimed at reducing the influence of messages by flagging certain accounts for direct warnings to Twitter management, only for dissident messages of the trend everything is placed in its place to leave symbolic space woke up and far from progressive, fully opaque, and formal usage policies.

Such a departure from official policies that we will taste the old message of platform founder Jack Dorsey with all the salt. Who explained in 2018 never engaged in this practice: no, Twitter does not use these methods, and certainly not from a political point of view. Well stop. And if he could claim that he was not informed of all the decisions of the moderator team until a few months ago, it shows on these. Twitter Files that in fact he was clearly aware of the extent of the filters and manipulations being applied.

Apart from these aspects that were actually widely suspected and blamed on the platform before it was taken over by Elon Musk, this new party Twitter Files brings another confirmation, namely that the FBI, that is, the American federal administration, is directly involved in the selection of messages that are allowed to flourish on the platform. Just skim the list of current Twitter employees (in positions of responsibility), some of whom have long served in several federal agencies, from the Secret Service to the CIA and, for the most part, the FBI.

Finally, when we understand the extent of the deal and the fact that it can only be censorship (members of Parliament are directly involved in the deletion of accounts or messages of American administrations), we can only see the power of Twitter in shaping public opinion. directs the entire press to crush any dissent.

The consequences are not only the loss of freedom of expression, but the destruction of many people, both figuratively and literally (for example, any conversation about the possibility of drug treatment is stifled). With such a political content filter regime, Twitter has become a spy firm and censorship tool for some American administrations in collusion with the Democratic Party. By the way, this is also happening on steroids at other big tech companies like Youtube, Google, Meta and Instagram, the difference is that here Twitter’s actions are exposed so openly that they have silenced crimes and corruption. current politicians (both in the US and elsewhere, don’t kid yourself).

A large number of the current leaders and the main ruling parties behind them have largely surrendered their power to these big companies in exchange for a guarantee of the continuity of their charters: as long as the little four have and benefit. like stock market insiders from their crimes, they play the game and leave the keys to their countries to the BigTech billionaires, so to speak. If public opinion and discourse can be subverted in this way, what about voting processes, especially when they become electronic?

One thing that leads to something else is that these government agencies and these BigTechs have gathered all the knowledge they need to force politicians to toe the line that is convenient for them: politicians who try to be honest, return to the people or attempt alternative discourses are systematically smeared, crushed and or reduced. silence (and this is not always a figure of speech).

With such methods, Snowden must remain as inconspicuous as possible, and Assange can die in prison: Twitter (and others) are directly responsible for suppressing any voice supporting a reporter or whistleblower. Twitter has directly censored doctors and practitioners who warn too early about the dangers of mRNA injections (usually myocarditis) or the harmful effects of incarceration (especially for children), which actually result in death and injury.

In doing so, all the information obtained through Twitter in recent years must be placed in the context of this mass manipulation of opinion, in which all alternative concepts are suppressed, and certain government propaganda is favored (from wars to terrible energy). covid-related policies and crowd manipulation).

We can no longer trust the media, the public speaking of politicians, elections, or the usual scientific investigation of truth.

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