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Basketball star Fred VanVleet, creative producer Mr. KOA and content creator Isabelle Cheng are the latest faces to be featured in Samsung’s connected experiences campaign.

Samsung’s brand new brand campaign continues with three new video ads showcasing the real and meaningful connections Canadians can make through Samsung technology. In the latest campaign ads, basketball star Fred VanVleet, creative producer Mr. KOA and content creator Isabelle Cheng, how Canadians “Do SmartThings!” “. with connected devices that work seamlessly together.

Whether it’s communicating with a hobby, participating in a photo shoot, or creating food content that looks delicious, Fred, Isabelle, and Mr. KOA use the power of Samsung products and SmartThings to make these experiences more effective and rewarding. We recently caught up with the stars of these videos to learn more about the important connections they make with others through Samsung technology.

In the latest commercial, rising basketball star and Team Canada athlete Deniya Prawl, playing online video games on a QLED Neo TV with another player, unaware that star athlete Fred VanVleet surprised him by calling him on the other end of the line with a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 phone. You can watch the latest video by clicking here.

We spoke to Denia, Isabelle and Mr. KOA to learn more about their experiences with Samsung’s Meaningful Connections campaign and how they continue to leverage connectivity in their everyday lives.

What role does Samsung technology play in helping you perfect your craft?

KOA: The ease of use and customization features of the Samsung Galaxy series not only help me get my work done efficiently, but also make things look and feel the way I want them to.

Isabel Cheng: My phone is essential to my work as a food based content creator! I love the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Denia Prawl: My Samsung TV allows me to watch all my favorite basketball games and learn from other amazing players.

How does technology help balance your daily life?
KOA: I lead a very fast and very unpredictable life. I absolutely rely on technology to keep me organized, to help me edit and design my work, and to have visuals to present to clients.

Isabel Cheng: Honestly, I would be completely lost without technology. I use the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active to track my sleep, exercise, and even make sure I’m drinking enough water, which is especially helpful when I’m busy. For work, I always tell people that I can’t live without my calendar. Being able to have all my appointments and other information at my fingertips on my phone is important.

Denia Prawl: Being a basketball player, learning the game is very important to me. Watching games or practicing shots using technology helps me develop my sports IQ and learn different moves.

Can you tell us about your experience with creating links in your thumbnail?
KOA: It was a really unexpected but pleasant surprise to be surprised by my cousin on a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, especially when we met in person! I recently decided to take my life into my own hands and move from Toronto to Los Angeles earlier this year. The transition was quite difficult and I didn’t see any friends or family for almost a year. It was amazing to be able to connect so easily and so quickly.

Isabel Cheng: I was able to contact a good friend of mine who moved to Vancouver. It can be difficult when someone you care about moves across the country. I was surprised when he contacted me on video chat as I was waiting for someone else. It was easy to connect the Galaxy Z Flip4 to Samsung The Frame TV so you can comfortably chat on such a large screen. The best part is that he surprised me in person!

Denia Prawl: It was a great experience connecting with Fred live using the Galaxy Z Flip4! I have been watching him play for years and am a big fan. I am very surprised and grateful for this experience.

Give an example of a meaningful connection that technology has made possible for you.

KOA: I recently launched a dating card game called THE FIRST DATE GAME. Thanks to technology, the game was able to reach thousands of people from something I created at home.

Isabel Cheng: Over the past two years, technology has been essential in helping me stay in touch with friends and loved ones that I have not been able to see. Technology makes those times less lonely until we meet again in person.

Denia Prawl: A large part of my family lives in Jamaica and they all use Samsung devices that allow us to stay connected despite the distance.

Samsung has a long history of innovating mobile, home entertainment, home office and digital device products to help Canadians have an intuitive and integrated experience. Click here to learn more about Samsung’s Meaningful Connections campaign.

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